Renee Portnoy – Bio, Facts About Dave Portnoy’s Ex-Wife

Renee Portnoy – Bio, Facts About Dave Portnoy’s Ex-Wife

Everyone who is a lover of sports and sports commentary knows who Dave Portnoy is. The founder of Barstool Sports has provided sports fans all over the world with a nontraditional, everyday life angle on sports news and discussions. Dave Portnoy has grown one of the largest independent sports media businesses online, but he didn’t do it alone; Dave had help from different quarters, chief of them is his ex-wife, Renee Portnoy.

Before their divorce, Renee supported the sportsman in the background and kept a low profile while he grew his franchise. She was known and is still known by Barstool Sports readers and fans as the “First Lady of Barstool Nation”. Here’s everything we know about her before, during, and after Dave and Barstool.

Renee Portnoy’s Bio

The former Barstool Nation first lady was born in Abington, Massachusetts on May 5, 1987. Renee is not the type of person that seeks media attention. Consequently, she has kept most details of her personal life private. Nothing is known about her growing years, siblings or education before University. She often posts pictures of her parents on her Instagram account but has opted to keep their identities a secret.

Renee Portnoy attended Boston University and graduated with a B.Sc. in Business and International Relations.

Renee Portnoy’s Relationship With David Portnoy

Except for the occasional public responsibility – like her guest appearance on KFC Radio’s #Mailtime – she stayed pretty much out of the spotlight throughout the time she was with Dave. No one knows for sure how long Renee and Dave were together. However, it seems, from some of her old Instagram posts that they have been a couple long before Barstools Sports existed.

Trouble started brewing in late 2016 when David was spotted canoodling with an unknown woman. This raised the rumors concerning his marriage and he promptly went on his blog to dispel them. However, just into 2017, the media man sent shockwaves through his fan base when he announced he was splitting from Renee Portnoy. According to him, their separation was amicable and they were still friends.

David moved on with a woman he revealed as Jordyn Hamilton. He even took shots for her, denying the backlash that his divorce was her fault. He would eventually turn on her, and in a public manner more so, as he took to his blog to accuse her of having an affair with an instructor at SoulCycle. Dave’s cyberbullying also spread to the instructor and SoulCycle itself.

Renee Portnoy – Bio, Facts About Dave Portnoy’s Ex-Wife
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Facts About Dave Portnoy’s Ex-Wife

1. She Still Goes By Dave’s Last Name

With all the ruckus surrounding Dave’s relationship, Renee Portnoy has since retired to Nantucket. She and Dave had purchased a home there to the tune of $2 million sometime in 2016. Surprisingly, the former “first lady” has not dropped the Portnoy name – online at least. Her name has stayed the same on her social media accounts. However, her Instagram followers have refused to move on; to them, Renee remains the First Lady.

2. Renee Is An Equestrian

There is nothing Portnoy loves more than riding a horse. The horse lover has been riding ponies and horses for most of her life, since the age of eight. Her love for these beautiful creatures is enforced by the fact that she did not withdraw after she was thrown off by a pony while it kicked her mid-air. She went right back to riding after the incident.

Renee Portnoy couldn’t be happier to be able to focus on a job that indulges her love for horses. Portnoy works at Smart Pak, a business outfit that sells horse supplies and equine supplements. She started the job right out of college in 2010 as a senior equine buyer. She eventually climbed her way to her current role as director of merchandising.

This role sees her spend her creative time contributing to the design and manufacture of the company’s products. All this while spending the bulk of her days with horses.

3. Renee Portnoy Introduced Dave To Horse Racing

While they were together, Renee’s love for horses eventually rubbed off on the media man. He entered into the world of horse racing with the purchase of a few horses. While Dave puts money down on races, Renee, buoyed by her ex-husband also started participating in competitive riding. Back then, the couple used to attend the Kentucky Derby, an equestrian event that Renee still attends among others.

4. Renee Is An Advocate For Dog Rescue And Adoption

Apparently, her love for animals doesn’t end with horses. Portnoy is also actively committed to rescuing homeless canines off the streets and finding a permanent home for them. This is a passion she shared with her ex-husband.

Renee Portnoy believes that people and dogs are better off if animal lovers adopt their pets instead of buying them. She also contributes to the work of a local animal shelter known as the Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals and also helps raise finance for animal shelters. Portnoy also volunteers her home as a foster home for rescue dogs while they find a permanent home for them.