Robyn Brown – Biography, Family, Facts About Kody Brown’s Wife

Robyn Brown is an American reality television star who is famous for starring on Sister Wives. The show which is broadcast on TLC, borders around the family life of the Browns. They comprise of the patriarch Kody Brown, his 4 wives (, Janelle Brown, Christine Ruth Brown, Robyn Alice Brown) and their 18 children.

Beyond what you know about her on the reality television series, did you know about her first child, previous marriage and what became of it? Find out more about these and more in the paragraphs that follow below.

Robyn Brown – Biography

Robyn Alice Brown (née Sullivan) was born on the 9th of October 1978 in Leah, Utah, into a polygamous family. She has not revealed much about her educational accomplishments; what high school she went to and the college she attended as we know that she went to one. However, from the book which she wrote with her fellow Sister Wives casts titled ‘Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage’, Robyn gave us a peek into her childhood. She revealed that her mother was the second wife of her father. This made her father not to publicly acknowledge that she is his daughter. This treatment hurt her a lot and even after many years of becoming an adult, she still remembers it.

The earliest information we have about Robyn prior to becoming a television star is about her pregnancy out of wedlock. She described the circumstances resulting in her pregnancy as being one where she gave herself to someone who begged for it while she was in college, but afterwards, the person didn’t respect her body anymore.

At around that time, Robyn Brown got married to a certain David Preston Jessop in June 1999. Their marriage was described by some reports as one that possibly happened because she was with child. On January 16, 2000, her first child, a son named David Preston (now Dayton) was born. With Jessop, she gave birth to two daughters named Aurora Alice on June 4, 2002, and Breanna Rose on October 7, 2005. By 2007, however, Robyn opted out of the marriage, citing spousal abuse as her reason.

Following her divorce from David Jessop, she developed an alter ego she named She-Rah. The essence of this persona was to put a shield to her heart from emotional tortures until she found someone deserving of her love. Robyn admits that it was her alter ego that helped her heal thoroughly. Well, it appears She-Rah was instantly smitten by Kody Brown the moment he came into her life.

Her Family Life With Kody Brown

Robyn Brown met Kody Brown in the summer of 2009. At that time, he was already married as a polygamist to Meri Caroline Brown (married on April 21, 1990), Janelle Brown (married on January 17, 1993) and Christine Ruth Brown (married on March 25, 1994). Reliable reports have it that Robyn and Kody actually met while she was with her friend Meri (Kody’s first wife) in a party. We wonder how the attraction could have played out.

However, the duo seemed to have experienced an instantaneous attraction to each other. They began gradually by communicating, then it got to a point that Kody drove for 8 hours on weekends just to see Robyn. While this was ongoing, Robyn admitted feeling as if she was a homewrecker because it seemed everything was going on fine with the Brown wives but all of a sudden, she began sharing their husband’s time with them.

Well, despite the eyebrows their relationship raised, the two got married on May 22, 2010, after which they spent their honeymoon in San Diego. Their marriage then got legalized on December 11, 2014, when Kody divorced his other wife so he can adopt Robyn’s kids.

Amongst the 18 children currently in the family, Kody and Robyn bore Solomon Kody on October 26, 2011, and Ariella Mae born on January 10, 2016. This makes the number of her children 5 and the first 3 were adopted by Kody.

Facts About Kody Brown’s Wife

Robyn Brown is a co-founder (along with her fellow Sister Wives) of an online jewelry store called My Sisterwife’s Closet ( The fashion line kicked off in 2014.

After marrying Kody Brown, she began starring in the reality television show titled Sister Wives. She revealed that several of her family members were not happy with her as a result of the exposure the show would give them being from a polygamous family.


Aside from her Sister Wives screen credit, Robyn also starred in CMT 2000 Countdown as a cheerleader, she also appeared in an episode of Just Shoot Me which had , and on set.

Looking at her union with Kody and the presence of the other women. Every curious mind will ordinarily wonder about the legality of Kody being married to all 4 women. Well, we did too. The explanation to the whole thing has it that Kody divorces any of his older wives whenever he is to marry a new one. He, however, remains “spiritually married” to all of them and they all live together. This means that in essence, Kody is only legally married to Robyn who is his 4th and youngest wife.

The imaginations of a lot of people run wild whenever the Brown’s are put into perspective in this context. Here is what we found out.

A report by has it that Robyn Brown is the only one of the Brown wives whose sexual desire is constantly met by Kody. The patriarch of the home doesn’t sleep with any of his other wives, This revelation is coming on the heels of the release of a tell-all book Meri’s internet lover – Jackie Overton is putting together. Jackie pretends to be a certain Samuel Jacob Cooper who romantically seduced Meri when they met on the internet. Meri disclosed her emotional travails of being starved the pleasures of coitus with Kody. This revelation is the crux of the revelations the book is said to make. Till the book surfaces, we will keep our ears and eyes open for news about the Brown’s.

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