Sara Martins Biography, Married, Husband, Family, Net Worth

Sara Martins is a Portuguese actress. While she is of Cape-Verdean descent, she is popular in France for appearing in several film and television productions. Sara is also known for her theater works.

True, it was a major breakthrough for Sara Martins when BBC One, sometime in 2011, announced that she would star in the crime comedy-drama – “Death in Paradise” co-produced with France Televisions. But, Sara has already created for herself a spot in the entertainment industry before she was picked to co-star with Ben Miller on the television series created by Robert Thorogood.

She confirmed this when she divulged how she got involved with the joint UK and French production filmed on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

“I had worked with France Televisions before and when they received the script they thought of me. I came in and did a few auditions. They were looking for someone who would work well with Ben Miller and we met and got along well from the start,” she said.

Sara was portrayed as Detective Sergeant Camile Bordey in the series and, it was her debut on British television and in comedy.

Sara’s character was written off the series in the fourth episode of season 4. She expressed her love for the show when this happened. “I’ve loved everything about the show,” she said and added: “But the only way to grow in life is to take risks, even if it means losing something you love or leaving a place that’s comfortable.”

Before “Death in Paradise” the Portuguese actress appeared in many films and television productions. Of late, she has appeared as Serena in “American Odyssey” (2015), Sonia Dubois in “The law of Alexandre” (2015), and Irene Ruff in “Capitaine Marleau” (2017).

Sara Martins Biography, Career

Sara Martins is fluent in English, Portuguese, and French. Come the 19th of this month (August), she will celebrate her 40th birth anniversary. She was born in 1977, in Faro, Portugal.

From what we gathered, Sara left Faro for France in 1980 when she was 3-years-old. She gained almost all her educational qualifications from Western European country. It’s known that she studied ballet while she was growing up and later got history to document she’s of the first African descent to join the Lyon Opera.

Sara would later learn she can’t progress to the Paris Opera. It’s said it was a big deal for the corps for Paris Opera to look alike. Sara was the only black dancer, she was disappointed but moved on and received her Baccalaureat with a theater option.

Records divulged that Sara Martins later bagged a DEUG in law. In 1997, she enrolled at Ecole de Theatre Les Enfants Terribles in Paris.  Subsequently, she got an acting degree from the prestigious French National Academy of Dramatics Arts.

Sara’s earliest experience as an actress came shortly after she left high school. It’s said that she was hired for a local production of Le Radeau de la Meduse at the Theatre National Populaire in Villeurbanne. Her television debut came in 2001 when she portrayed Julie in French police series – “Police District”.

Sara Martins Married, Husband, Family

Information on most of the things Sara’s fans want to know about her is scarce. For instance, the only specific and definite thing that’s known about Sara Martins’ family is that she’s of Cape-Verdean descent. Meanwhile, it’s believed that Sara’s mum was a model and her father, a news reporter.

Again, Sara’s fans have always wanted to know if she’s in a romantic relationship. Questions like “Is Sara Married” or “Who’s Sara’s Husband” are common among them. Speculations have taken the place of answers to these questions.

Nevertheless, while it’s safe to assume Sara is in a secret relationship, one can’t say she’s married. Sara Martins is single, there’s no one to call her husband.

Sara Martins Net Worth

Several figures have been quoted as Sara Martins’ net worth. Some estimated that she’s worth $600,000 others stated it’s $200,000.

The variability of the figures shows they are not authentic. Thus, it’s better to just say Sara has been earning a satisfactory living from her acting career

Sara Martins Height, Body Measurements

Sara Martins is 1.7m tall. Other details of her body measurements are unknown.

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