Sissy Spacek – Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Daughter And Family Life

One of the esteemed actresses of all time, Sissy Spacek has not lost a tiny bit of her popularity and natural charm despite the fact that she has made it to her late sixties. The strawberry blonde-haired artist is blessed with an attractive physical appearance as well as natural great looks. Sissy’s sweet southern accent, her natural beauty, and commendable acting prowess have distinguished her in the entertainment industry. Her initial plans for a career was never to become an actress, she had aspirations to be a singer but was discouraged from her audition with Decca Records which dismissed her for the sole reason that she was too similar to  – another artist already on their list. Even though they liked her performance, they couldn’t hire her.

Following her discouragement from Decca Records, Sissy Spacek turned her full attention to acting though she worked as a model for some time at Andy Warhol’s New York Studio Factory. Her debut movie role was on the set of a 1970 movie titled Trash but her first major role was accomplished in the movie Prime Cut which was released in 1972. Till date, Sissy has made appearances in several movies and series which include; Carrie, Missing, In the Bedroom, Coal Miner’s Daughter, The Help and Get Low. She was also part of Crimes of the Heart, 3 Women and The River but her starring role in the Badlands transported her to superstardom in 1973. Sissy Spacek has won several prestigious awards and nominations for her works.

Her Biography

The legendary actress was born in Quitman, Texas on the 24th of December 1949. Her mum Virginia Frances was of Irish and English descent, she originally came from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Her dad Edwin Arnold Spacek Sr. was of Czech and German ancestry, he earned a living working as a county agricultural agent. Sissy was born as Mary Elizabeth Spacek but her two older brothers Robbie and Edwin nicknamed her Sissy which she took to the stage as her professional identity.

During her formative years, she lost her 18-year-old brother Robbie to leukemia. According to the actress, she was greatly affected by that particular tragedy which she referred to as a defining and life-changing event. The loss of her beloved brother made Sissy Spacek brave and fearless in the pursuit of her career, she also said that anyone who has experienced the ultimate tragedy and can still go on with life can never be frightened by anything again. Her only surviving brother Edwin Spacek is equally in the entertainment industry as a consultant in music.

A closer look at her educational background revealed that she is an alumnus of Quitman High School where she was Homecoming Queen during her senior prom. After her brother’s death, Sissy Spacek made the conscious decision to skip college, according to her, life was just too short and going to college for four years felt like wasting four years of her life. She went from high school to full-time acting although her first act was accomplished at the age of six when she did a stage performance in a local talent show.

Net Worth

Sissy Spacek has amassed an eye-popping wealth in the course of her career in the entertainment industry. Even though her salary is not public knowledge, her estimated net worth has been reviewed to be around $15 million by a reliable source. Moreover, the iconic screen veteran is not resting on her oars just yet and might add more digits to her fortune with time.


Family Life Of Sissy Spacek – Husband, Daughter

The iconic actress lives a fulfilled family life with her husband and two daughters. She met her husband – art director and production designer Jack Fisk on the set of Badlands in 1973, they commenced dating immediately after their first meeting and ended up getting married barely a year later on the 12th April 1974. Jack also happens to be her director in other films like the 1986 Violets Are Blue and Raggedly Man, released in 1981.

The couple’s marriage is blessed with two daughters namely; Schuyler Fisk whom Sissy gave birth to at the age of 32, on the 8th of July 1882. Her second daughter came six years later when Sissy Spacek was already 38, Madison Fisk was born on the 21st of September 1988. Notable among her daughters is Schuyler who has followed in her mother’s footsteps with a career in the entertainment industry as both singer and actress. The Fisk family currently resides in a farm close to Charlottesville, Virginia.

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