Sonya Esman – Biography, Facts, Family Of The Russian Model

Sonya Esman is a fashionista who is best known as a model and YouTube star with more than a million subscribers on the platform. It is also known that she has worked for big shots like Dior and Victoria’s Secret, as well as graced the cover of ELLE Russia a few times. If there is any word to describe this young model, it’s fabulous! That is a compliment she knows how to maintain as Sonya is an advocate of healthy living and optimum skincare therapies.

However, the Russian native did not have a smooth ride to stardom as she had to witness her parents annul their marriage at a very tender age. Let’s fill you in on Sonya Esman’s bio and family facts as you read on.

Sonya Esman’s Biography

She hails from Russia and was born in the city of St. Petersburg on the 5th of June 1995. After her birth, her family relocated to Kaliningrad, Russia where she stayed until she was 5 before they moved again, and this time, it was to Canada. Later as a teenager, Sonya went to live in Los Angeles, California, then New York City, before moving back to base in California. Pertaining to her early education, there is no available information about where she completed her high school education nor is there any record of her getting a college degree.

A look into her career reveals that the social media celebrity made her entrance into the YouTube platform sometime in 2009 when she created the channel, thatsophiakid. With the success she experienced after launching her first channel, Sonya Esman went on to launch yet another YouTube channel in February 2011 which she called classisinternal and this channel currently has more than 1.5 million subscriptions, as well as tons of views.

Furthermore, Sonya is an active contributor to the Canadian Fashionation TV and as a model, she has graced the front page of the Russian ELLE publication on 3 occasions. She has also appeared in the Russian edition of Vogue and Glamour. The Russian beauty is an ambassador of the popular Victoria’s Secret brand and has done a couple of other modelling jobs with brands like Dior that has boosted her image. She has even attended renowned events like the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) which has also enhanced her profile.

Family Of The Russian Model

Like aforementioned, Sonya Esman is originally from Russia which indicates that her parents are also Russian citizens. However, not much is known about the YouTube star’s parents as no source has revealed their identity nor what they do to earn a living. Nevertheless, we were able to gather that when Sonya was about 11 years old, her parents parted ways and no further detail has been given about them.

It is also not known whether the media personality has any siblings as she has not made mention of having a brother or a sister in any of her videos. Moreso, it can be said that Sonya is not very close to her parents at all as she hardly refers to any of them be a source of motivation or inspiration in her interviews.

Other Facts About Sonya Esman

Here are other intriguing facts about this Russian social media personality and model:

1. Sonya Esman has worked with the content creator, Sammi Maria in the production of a clip titled February Favorites.

2. She was featured in a major role in American singer-songwriter, Hayley Kiyoko’s music video titled Cliffs Edge.

3. Sonya is notable for her 5 feet 9 inches height which carries her estimated 62 kg weight gracefully.

4. The Russian lady has a very attractive physique made up of a 34-inch bust, 24 inches waist and hips size estimated to be 34 inches.

5. The fashionista has striking dark blonde hair which blends perfectly with her mesmerizing blue eyes.

6. Sonya has identified the likes of , Erin Wasson, and Magdalena Frackowiak as her beauty icons.

7. Her favourite places to shop for her beauty items include sites like Amazon, CAP Beauty,, and SpaceNK.

8. The model is a believer of the secret beauty ingredients in sea buckthorn berries which she often drinks. In addition to drinking it, Sonya also buys other skincare products that contain its ingredients to further enhance its effect in giving her a healthy skin.

9. She generally keeps fit by walking a lot, irrespective of the weather and when she wants to heighten her level of activity, she does the barre exercise.