Stephanie Buttermore – Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity and Family Facts

Stephanie Buttermore is an American fitness enthusiast who got famous by posting her workout photos and videos on the internet. Originally, she is a trained medical personnel who holds a Ph.D. in her discipline but it was her passion for fitness that made her famous. Stephanie has since come to use social media to entertain, share her life passions and at the same time, reach out to many people positively. This has ultimately made her a celebrity and got many interested in finding out unknown things about her.

In this article, we reveal all you need to know about Stephanie Buttermore, including details of her education and family facts.

Stephanie Buttermore’s Bio, Age, Ethnicity

The fitness model celebrates her birthday on the 25th of February, she was born on that day with the Pisces birth sign in the year 1990. She was born in the United States of America and is, therefore, an American national. For her ethnicity, going by what we learned in one of Stephanie’s YouTube videos titled Cooking with My Thai Family | Low Calorie and Simple Pad Thai, it is apparent that Stephanie Buttermore is of half Asian descent with a likelihood of her particular half Asian ethnicity being one of the larger Tai ethnolinguistic groups native to the Southeast Asian country. Thus, she is of mixed race.

Considering Stephanie’s unconventional path to fame which is however increasingly becoming the norm these days as we witness many celebrities emerging out of the internet, a lot of the basics that ordinarily would have been known about most movie stars, musicians, comedians, and athletes remain unknown about Stephanie Buttermore. By this we mean her childhood, what schools she attended before college and all such things that should typically paint a picture of one’s early life. However, though these aspects of the fitness model’s life remain unknown, a look at her college days and career path gives ample information to compensate for what we don’t know yet about her life before fame.

Stephanie Buttermore bagged her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida, afterward, she proceeded to the University of South Florida where she earned her Master of Science degree in Medical Sciences, Women’s Health, followed by another Master’s in Medical Sciences, Pathology & Cell Biology in the same institution. With a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s, Stephanie wasn’t done with her schooling, not just yet. She went back to where her tertiary education began – the University of South Florida and earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biomedical Sciences, Pathology & Cell Biology. Her doctorate research focused on early detection screening markers and the molecular mechanisms driving ovarian cancer (OC).

Having a passion for fitness and being a medical personnel as well, Dr. Stephanie Buttermore was able to find a synergy between what most fitness models do and the science between them. Thus, she not only entertains her fans but also uses her knowledge in the medical field from many years of experience in scientific research; reading and writing, to educate her viewers on the scientific principles underlying physical training and nutrition. Thus, Stephanie is not just one of the best fitness coaches in all ramifications, she is also one of the few who are poised to put down the fallacies about how to attain one’s fitness goal. For Stephanie, the most important thing is for one to have a balanced and happier life. She is a cancer research scientist in addition to being a fitness enthusiast.

Stephanie Buttermore began her self-titled YouTube channel precisely on the 23rd of November 2014. On her channel, she stresses on the importance of good food and exercise. The channel stocks informative fitness videos, healthy lifestyle choices and foods, beauty tips, and challenge videos, among others. The YouTuber has recorded tremendous success on the channel which is one of the best of its kind.

Stephanie Buttermore’s Family Facts

From what we hinted earlier about Dr. Stephanie Buttermore, she is half Asian as her mom is from Thailand while her father, as we learned from the FAQs she added in the description of her video, is a Canadian. On the video – Cooking with My Thai Family | Low Calorie and Simple Pad Thai, aside from her mom, she did introduce another lady as her half-sister. However, neither her name or that of her mother and father have been disclosed.

Aside from her immediate family, Stephanie Buttermore is reportedly in a relationship with Jeff Nippard, a Canadian YouTuber and professional bodybuilder born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. The two have been together for some time and Stephanie does share their pictures on her Instagram account stephanie_buttermore.

Her Height, Weight, and Body Features

Being a fitness guru, Stephanie Buttermore has just the ideal body she needs to convince anyone on her knowledge about fitness. She has a finely toned body that weighs about 54kg or 119lbs. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 1.68m. Stephanie has a dark brown eye color while her hair is black.

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