Barry Weiss is an American businessman and reality TV star who was shot to fame following his appearance in the A&E hit reality series, . He was a part of the show from the first season in 2010 as The Collector who buys treasuries. Also a lifelong antique collector, he was a part of the show for the first four seasons before he appeared in Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back and Barry’d Treasure. The following are details of his life and every other thing worth knowing about him.

Storage Wars Barry Weiss Bio (Age)

Storage Wars Barry Weiss was born on February 11, 1951, in the United States which is also where he was brought up. Even though there is no information as regards how he was brought up, his parents, and education, it is no secret that he has a brother Joey Weiss, to whom he is very close.

Long before he met fame as a reality TV star, Barry and his brother started out as businessmen. He started out as a collector of antiques since he was a teenager of 15, amassing anything of value that came his way.

Together with his brother, Barry started a company which they built into a very successful venture that turned them into millionaires much later in life. After running the business for more than two decades, he decided to retire so as to pursue his passion as a collector.

When Storage Wars was set to begin, he was contacted by his friend, also the producer of the show, Thom Beers who invited him to be a part of the series which he obliged.

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After four seasons, it was announced that he was not going to appear in the fifth season and then it was later announced that he would be in Barry’d Treasure which was his own spin-off of the Storage Wars in 2014. In 2015, he was in Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back which did not last long.

His Net Worth

Looking at his fortune, Barry Weiss is in the class of men who can be said to be doing extremely well for themselves. He has a net worth that has been estimated at $10 million. Storage Wars is what has given him his fame but a larger part of his fortune was gotten through his business which as pointed out, he built from the start and ran for 25 years before he finally retired.

Barry Weiss’ Wife

Barry Weiss is pretty much of a very private individual who does not divulge much about what is going on in his private life. It is known, however, that long before he became famous, Weiss was married to a woman whose identity he has successfully kept away from the public. There is nothing in the public domain to indicate the number of years they spent together before the marriage ended in a divorce.

In 2012, he revealed in an interview that he had been single for close to 28 years following his divorce. Because he has not been linked to anyone for a long time, there have been some speculations that he may be gay. However, there is nothing to give credence to that.

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That said, he has been blessed with two children, Jack Weiss and Julie Weiss who are now grownups. He also has a grandson named Oliver who was born in 2015.

Is He Dead?

For a long time since he has left Storage Wars, Barry Weiss has maintained a pretty much quiet life away from all the buzz that comes with being a celebrity. Nonetheless, of recent, it emerged that the former reality star has been put through the winger after a crash that he was involved in.

Weiss who has been a huge lover of motorcycles suffered a nasty motorcycle accident together with his friend in April 2019. According to reports, the two rammed into a car that was pulling out of a parking space in Los Feliz. The crash was massive and the TV star was rushed to the ICU of a local Los Angeles hospital where he had multiple surgeries for some broken bones and internal injuries. Barry who got the worst hit than his friend has recovered pretty well.

Apart from this tragedy that befell him, Weiss has been doing pretty well and so he is very much alive, with hopes that he will soon see his septuagenarian years and even beyond.

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