Talitha Bateman – Age, Siblings & Parents – Biography

Talitha Bateman – Age, Siblings & Parents – Biography

Fans of the 2017 horror movie; Annabelle: Creation and the 2018 romantic comedy Love, Simon are not strangers to the talent of Talitha Bateman. This actress who began her career in her childhood has now become a household name in the movie industry, from the roles she keeps getting, to the stellar performances she brings to each movie, she is definitely a star to watch out for. To learn more about the life of Talitha Bateman, keep reading.

Talitha Bateman Biography & Age

Bateman was born on the 4th of September, 2001 in Turlock California. She has no formal education and has no plans to get one in the future, this includes earning a degree.

When Talitha was still a child of two years old, her parents could tell that she had caught the acting bug. They acted accordingly and decided to support her decision. The exact year is unknown but the decision she made in moving to Los Angeles with her sister is what set the wheels in her career rolling. Her professional acting career began in 2012 when she was 11 years old.

The first role she got was in 2013 on the television show, The Middle which chronicles the experiences of a middle-class American family. The role was a small one and from then onwards, her career grew. She subsequently had parts in the Maker Shack Agency, but the show was not picked up after its pilot episode aired.

After her first two appearances in those television shows, her next performance is one she is widely remembered for, it was in the 2015 comedy television show Hart of Dixie. In the same year, she was cast in the science fiction films The Hive and The Fifth Wave, where she played the roles of Kayla and Teacup respectively.

Talitha Bateman’s career has grown immensely since her unnoticeable role in The Middle. Other films and television shows she has had performances in are So B. It (2016), Vengeance: A Love Story (2017), Stuck in the Middle (2017), and Geostorm (2017).

She has also lent her voice acting talents to the animated movie; The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island (2018) and most notably in Annabelle: Creation. Speaking on her performance in Annabelle, Bateman has stated that a lot of improvisation had to come up and shooting the film was much scarier than what the audience saw.

With a career that started at a very young age, delivering impressive performances on the big screen, Talitha Bateman, is one to look out for. Awards and nominations are yet to roll in but that has not stopped this young lady who has never attended one class on acting from becoming the star she already is.

Who Are Her Parents and Siblings?

Talitha Bateman is the seventh child of her parents; Jonelle and Tim Bateman, who happen to have seven other children. Bateman grew up in what can be described as an unconventional household where she, along with her 7 siblings – Gabriel, Noah, Judah, Justin, Aleq, Hannah, and Leah were all homeschooled.

Talitha Bateman – Age, Siblings & Parents – Biography
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One of the traditions in their family, as revealed by Talitha Bateman in an interview, is that all the kids get a rose on their birthday. Their parents began this tradition when their first child was still a kid and it lives on. They hope that whenever each of the eight gets married, their spouse would continue the tradition.

The Bateman family has shown to be a close-knit one where all the children are centered and their dreams are given validity as we see in the acting pursuits of Talitha Bateman and her three other siblings who have also held jobs as actors.

Of the group, Gabriel is the only one who is a big star as Talitha. He has had roles in the horror films Annabelle and Lights Out, and has also appeared in the television shows; Outcast and Stalker. His portfolio boasts of numerous commercials and a sprinkling of music videos.

Her Height

Although Bateman is still a relatively young actress who will most likely grow bigger and taller as she gets older, here are the statistics of her body; she is currently 5 feet 2 inches tall which is 1.57 in meters, and weighs 48 kg that converts to 105 pounds.

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