Taylor Reilly – Bio, Personal Details, Family Life Of Viner & YouTuber

Taylor Reilly is an American YouTuber who started building a massive fanbase on the internet right from her active days on the social media platform, Vine. The young internet sensation is well-loved for using her channel to reach out to online users with an interest in issues revolving around everyday life.

Since childhood, Taylor has been battling with a medical condition called Chondrodysplasia Punctata (a form of scoliosis). This condition makes her look like a dwarf but it has never deterred her from making friends online, sharing her journey with them, and becoming who she is destined to be. Everything you need to know about the Viner & YouTuber is contained in this article, keep reading to learn them.

Taylor Reilly’s Bio & Personal Details

Taylor Reilly hails from Delaware, a small Mid-Atlantic US state. She was born there on the 22nd of December 1997. While her father’s name is known to be Kevin, her mother’s name has not been revealed to the media. Reilly’s parents divorced many years ago but they sometimes feature in their daughter’s videos.

According to sources, the YouTuber is currently living with her mother while her dad lives in California, precisely in Santa Cruz. Taylor was homeschooled at some point in her life but she later graduated from a special school for people with chronic diseases. She joined the institution in eighth grade after dropping out of school in her sixth grade because she was usually teased for her stature.

The online sensation’s childhood dream was to become a doctor. This decision was influenced by her regular visit to the hospital in her younger age. However, things changed and subsequently led her to develop an interest in photography after her grandmother gave her a video camera at the age of 8. It was during that period that Reilly began making random videos. Now, she is looking forward to pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter and photographer.

Taylor Reilly’s Social Media Career

Taylor Reilly found fame through her videos after she joined the social media platform, Vine. Her debut content on the platform was titled One of These Days Someone’s Gonna Be a Catfish Just to Be on TV. The short comedy clip was posted in August 2013 and was well-received by several online users.

The Delaware native shifted her attention to YouTube shortly after Vine was shut down. She created her channel on January 23, 2014, and subsequently shared her first video, disclosing that she’s been battling with scoliosis from childhood.

Since then, Taylor Reiley has gone ahead to make several videos about her condition. Her channel also features reaction videos, pranks, storytime videos, and challenge videos. Some of her most notable YouTube videos include Watching My Old Vines, HOW I DO MY MAKEUP [mediocre as hell], and THE INHALER GIRL RETURNS.

Apart from Vine and YouTube, the online sensation also has a large following on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Sometime in 2017, she was seen attending a ‘VidCon’ event in the U.S.

An avid animal lover, Taylor Reilly owns a cat named Beebop, which she rescued along with her two cats. She also loves owls, big cats, reality shows, and game shows. Her favorite food is Creme brûlée.


Family Life of Viner & YouTuber

Taylor Reilley is single and patiently waiting for the right man that will love and cherish her for who she is. Presently, the former Viner and YouTuber is not in a relationship with any guy. However, she was previously the girlfriend of a Vine star simply known as Damian Marco. The two got connected through Vine in the year 2014, after which Damian visited weeks later. He later moved to New York to live with Taylor and her mom after their relationship kick-started.

Damian, who is five months older than Reilly, hails from Italy. Sadly, the 5 feet 7 inches internet sensation called it quits with Taylor in 2017 and since then, information about his professional and personal life has been missing in the news. While their relationship lasted, Reilly severally spoke about how handsome Damian is, how much they love each other and how she easily gets jealous whenever girls admire her man.

Taylor Reilly is hoping to settle down and raise her own kids with her prince charming in the future.

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