The Outpost Cast: Actors and Actresses Behind the Revenge TV Series

Viewers continue to journey with Talon on The Outpost as she seeks revenge on the people who killed her entire village when she was a little girl. All thanks to The Outpost cast, we are able to relate with the adventure-themed series in so many ways. The show which was produced by Jennifer Griffin hit the screens in July 2018 and since then, it has been from one positive review to another by stakeholders. After a successful first outing, the second season of The Outpost came in October 2018. So far, the series has been renewed for a third season.

The Synopsis of the Revenge TV Series

The only survivor of ‘The Blackbloods’ race, Talon, seeks revenge for her entire village killed in a raid by unknown mercenaries. The raid took place many years ago but Talon now feels the time is right to find her enemies. This quest takes her to the edge of the civilized world, in a lawless fortress. But something unexpected happens as Talon soon finds out she has supernatural powers. This power is not the type to overlook or be misused and for this, she needs to master how to use it. It is also imperative for her to do so as she could be the only one to save the world from a fanatical dictator.

Actors: Who are Members of The Outpost Cast?

Producers of the series did a good job by carefully handpicking a set of actors very much suitable for the theme. The Outpost cast members are also applauded for wonderfully bringing their characters to life. Let’s meet the outstanding cast of the revenge Tv series.

Jessica Green (Talon)

Leading the cast of course is who played Talon, the revenge-seeking Blackbloods racer. Green was born in Australia and started her career as a model before gradually going into acting. Starting out with Australian productions, she landed her first major lead role in 2013 in the M. Shiff series LIGHTNING POINT. (AKA Alien Surf Girls), playing KIKI in 26 episodes. Green broke into the mainstream film industry with the Netflix series, Roman Empire where she starred as Cleopatra.

Jake Stormoen (Captain Garret Spears)

Jake Stormoen plays captain Garret Spears in the series. Born in July 1988, Stormoen started his acting career in 2014 in another fantasy series, Mythica: A Quest for Heroes. He has been lauded by critics for doing a good job with his character in The Outpost.

Imogen Waterhouse (Lady Gwynn Calcussar/ Princess Rosamund)

Another major member of The Outpost cast is Imogen Waterhouse who plays the dual role of Lady Gwynn Calcussar and Princess Rosmund. The English actress is known for some notable productions and is also a model. She is a sister to popular model . Some of her movies include Nocturnal Animals (2016), and Braid (2018).

Anand Desai-Barochia (Janzo)

British-Indian actor, Anand Desai-Barocia also played a major character of Janzo, the master brewer and the Mistress’ adoptive son. Anand started out his movie career in 2017 on the show, Emmerdale, a British soap opera. Subsequently, he got his first major role in The Outpost and it has been quite an interesting journey for the actor since then.

Andrew Howard (Gate Marshal Cedric Wythers)

Andrew Howard plays Gate Marshal Cedric Wythers in The Outpost. Before his Outpost popularity, The Welsh actor born in Cardiff already made a name for himself in the movie industry with a series of notable movies. He starred in Limitless and was remarkably playing the character, Gennady. Some of his popular movies include Hangover alongside , Hatfields and McCoys, The Cherry Orchard and many others.


Kevin McNally (The Smith)

Although he did not appear in all episodes of the series, English actor Kevin McNally, known for his role in The Pirates of the Caribbean, is considered a major character. He played The Smith in six episodes of the series.

Robin Malcolm (Elinor)

Also called ‘The Mistress’, she is a fearless and power-hungry alpha-female and the owner of the Nightingale Inn. She cooks at the inn and also sells Colipsum all in the hustle for success. She has three adopted sons which include Jonza. However, she later sells off Jonza’s sister as a slave.

Robyn is a New Zealand actress best known for her role in the series Outrageous Fortune. She rose to popularity following her role in the show Shortland Street as ‘nurse Ellen Crozier’.

Aaron Fontaine (Tobin)

Fontaine joined The Outpost cast as Tobin in season 2. He is popularly known for his role as Sonny Valentine on the show Hollyoaks.

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