The Truth About Valac, The Terrifying Demon From ‘The Nun’

The demon Valac – made popular by the 2018 installment of The Conjuring Franchise creepy supernatural movie The Nun – is known to most people as a scary-looking nun with yellow eyes and sharp razors for teeth. The film is set in an enclosed Monastery in Romania where a priest with a secret and a prospective nun were sent by the Vatican to find out the reason why a young nun who lives in the monastery would take her own life.

As they embarked on this quest, the priest and the prospective religious sister encounter the most vindictive evil entity they had ever seen. This creature did not only threaten to end their lives but intends to take everything that represents the very core of their existence, their faith as well as their souls. This evil entity was identified by the priest as Valac. However, there is more to Valac than teeth, gore and being the terrifying demon from The Nun and we’ll discuss some of its truth in this article.

What Is The Truth About Valac, The Terrifying Demon from The Nun?

First of all, it should be noted that the name of Valac has many other variants including Ualac, Valak, Volach, Doolas, Valax, Valu and some more. So if you happen to come across any of the above names, it probably draws its root from the demon Valac.
However, while Valac from The Nun may have denied many a good night’s sleep for a while, it is nothing compared to the actual Valac – a mythical demon whose origin dates back to the era of the Old Testament before the time of Jesus Christ on earth.

This demon has been mentioned in various ancient magic texts but the most notable one is the Goëtic text of the seventeenth century titled ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’ which references events that happened Centuries before the book was written. More so, this demon that Valac from The Nun tried to portray was never described as a scary nun with sharp teeth and yellow eyes in any of these texts – that credit belongs to the Hollywood filmmakers behind the creation of the character.

Valac’s Physical Appearance

The demon Valac was actually depicted as an innocent-looking little boy who seems to have beards like a grown man, wings like an angel, and horns like a young bull. This “little boy” also has an exotic personal ride of a dragon that has two heads and whose wings culminates into razor-sharp claws, on both sides.

Legend has it that the all-wise King Solomon in the Old Testament of the Christian bible is the eponymous character of ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’ and that the demons mentioned in the book were conjured by the famous Biblical king. Valac was the 62nd spirit described in this book and he is a great and mighty ruler in hell. His duty as the book puts it, is to provide the true answers to secret treasures and to inform where the serpents may be found.

The Extent of The Demon’s Powers

Valac is apparently so powerful that it can crush an exorcist without exerting any strength which is ironic because of the body it comes in. ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’ also says that Valac oversees 38 legions of demonic spirits and he has his personal seal. For context, one legion in the Roman military terms comprises between 3000 and 6000 soldiers, making Valac the Commander-in-Chief of 3000 – 6000 demons in 38 places. His seal is a complicated symbol with crosses and small circles surrounded by a thin circle and a thicker circle, between the two surrounding circles, the letters “VALAC” are seen written around.

As mentioned earlier, Valac from The Nun tried to capture this sinister creature in the movie version. The antagonist portrayed by Bonnie Aarons was inspired by a conversation the film director, James Wan had with Lorraine Warren about a demonic presence she supposedly felt back in 1976. The director further stated during an interview he had for The Conjuring 2 that he chose to make the demon in the form of a Nun rather than use computer-generated imagery because he wanted to set it as a contrast to Lorraine’s catholic faith.