Vikings Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot and All You Need To Know

Historical dramas are meant to portray stories from the past in the form of television series or film. So many movie producers have keyed into this and created interesting pieces. Marie Antoinette is one such drama dating as far back as 1938.

Michael Hirst, a renowned screenwriter, and producer of English descent owns his own production company called Pavilion Entertainment. With this beautiful asset, Hirst has produced some interesting biographical dramas such as Elizabeth in 1998 and in 2007, Elizabeth the Golden Age. He is also credited for the 2007 historical drama, The Tudors and Vikings, a television series that premiered in 2013.

Vikings was created for the Canadian specialty channel, History Network. Its premiere, on the 3rd of March 2013, boasted of over 1.1 million viewers in Canada. Film critics doled out lots of praises for the show after its first installment with Metacritic giving it a 71% and a whopping 77% by the end of its second season. Based on reviews from 12 professional critics, Rotten Tomatoes awarded the TV series a 92%. The historical drama television series has only gained more admiration from season to season and everyone is eager to have Vikings Season 6. If you can’t wait, the following may assuage your craze a bit.

Vikings Season 6 – Plot and Background Details

This historical drama cum action-adventure was written by Hirst after the life of Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar was a ruler of the Vikings and also a hero, known for leading successful raids against the early medieval England and France. Despite being a legend, the only evidence that Ragnar ever existed comes from works of fictions and myths like Old Norse poetry. Tales hold it that his father was Sigurd Hring, another mythological legend known as a Swedish king.

Another pivotal element of this drama is the sons of Ragnar. Ivar the Boneless, Halfdan, Bjorn Ironside, and Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye are historical figures who accomplished varying astounding feats including winning battles and ruling at some point. There is also a fifth son named Hvitserk although not much detail is known about him. Yet another son called Ubbe is recorded as an antagonist of Christianity.

Vikings draws its inspiration from the above and other historical sources. Shooting for the show began in Ireland in a new facility called Ashford Studios. Additional scenes were shot on the Poulaphouca Reservoir and also at Luggala, both in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. A few shots were taken in Western Norway as well.

This series is distributed officially by MGM Television. Shaw Media and Octagon Films were in charge of season 1 through 4. Corus Entertainment joined in on season 4 and has remained till date. TM Productions holds some credit for season 5 as well. Take 5 Productions and MGM Television are also credited as Production companies.

Five seasons of the drama have been aired so far. On the 12th of September 2017, Vikings was renewed for 20 new episodes, a 6th season.

Season four saw the exit of Ragnar, thereby expectedly shifting the action to his sons. Ragnar had hopes of his people going back to farming and upon his demise, Ubbe picks up the dream in season 5. He tries to convince his brothers to give up the life of plunder as their father wanted but none listen to him. Bjorn seeks to move to the Mediterranean where he is almost certain to find some sort of glory. Halfdan moves with him while Ivar continues to live for conquest; he seems to be fuelled by violence and blood and is supported by Hvitserk.

Floki makes a shocking and probably life-changing discovery for the Norsemen. Soon he reached a decision to offer himself as a sacrifice, this decision was in order to stop the bloodshed especially between the families of Eyvind and Kjetill in Iceland. Both families had had a son killed.

Lagertha, of course, tries to usurp Ivar and Hvitserk and has the allegiance of Ubbe. Ivar builds further allegiance with Bishop Heahmund whose view on chastity has already been questioned. As self-proclaimed king of Kattegat and a god on earth, he causes so much catastrophe that it is termed a dark age.

Vikings Season 6 is expected to see a team up of the other sons of Ragnar with allies and old enemies to defeat Ivar the Boneless if the matter isn’t concluded in part two of season 5 already. We also expect to see more of the amazing colony Floki has created for the Vikings on the desolate landmass he encountered.

With the arrival of Oleg the prophet in season 6, it is expected that more happenings eastward will be brought on the show. This is in consideration of his being a sailor as you will get to learn at the latter part of this piece.

A special appearance by Davina Eriksdottir is said to be expected also. Being a fictional character, we wait to see where he appears.

Truthfully, much can only be imagined about Vikings season 6 as only part 1 of season 5 comprising of 10 episodes has been aired. A second part consisting of another 10 episodes is expected to begin airing on the 28th of November 2018. This gives fans a total of 30 episodes to expect from now to 2019.

The Cast of Vikings Season 6

Bearing in mind that the show has a huge list of characters, it is no walk in the park to predict who stays on in season 6 and who disappears. We have tried anyway for your reading pleasure. Following simple deductions from the trend of season 5, some of these casts are merely guesswork and we hope we turn up correct. Also, there are new casts to watch out for!

Rumor had it that Queen Lagertha will be exiting the play as  takes up a directorial position. Winnick herself quenched this rumor by ‘tweeting’ a picture of the Queen as seen in season 6. Thankfully, our beloved queen lives on! She always survives!

Of course, we should expect Bjorn Ironside Ragnarsson as played by . Bjorn is the first son of Ragnar and heir of Ivar’s capital, Kattegat. He is married to Torvi, a former princess of the Danes, and has a great desire for adventure just like his father. Somehow, Bjorn might lead us to lands far away owing to his adventurous spirit.

Ivar ‘the boneless’ Ragnarsson born in 800 AD swears allegiance to the House of Lothbrok. Ivar is a ruthless warrior who ironically shows serious devotion to his family. His goal is to be known as ‘king of the world’. Danish actor, Alex Hogh Anderson, picked up this role in 2016 and is expected for more.

King ‘Finehair’ Harald lost his wife in season 5 part 1 and there are high hopes of his return in the next season. Peter Franzen, a Finnish actor, portrays this character and in real life looks so much different and handsome and yes, speaks fluent English.

Rollo, the first Duke of Normandy and a Viking, reigned for 16 years. His character is being played beautifully by the British actor, . History holds it that Rollo born in 845 AD didn’t die as a young man. If this is true and History Channel follows the events accurately, then it is safe to say that Rollo is stuck on the cast of Viking season 6 as another main character for some while longer, right? Thankfully, he is loved by fans and we look forward to seeing more of him.

So many other existing casts are expected to return in season 6 including Eric Johnson (as Erik Bjornsson), Marco Ilsø (as Hvitserk), Adam Copeland (as ‘Flatnose’ Kjetill), Andrei Claude (as Ganbaatar), Georgia Hirst (as Torvi), Kathy Monahan (as Eira), Marko Lent (as The Torturer), Sandy Kennedy (as Sylvi), and Martin Maloney (as Vigird).

The Viking warrior (Ragnar’s best friend and boat builder), Floki, might also be making an appearance on the set of Viking season 6. The fine Gustaf Caspar Orm Skarsgard who has been in the acting industry from childhood (age 9) plays the role of Floki.

Russian director, producer, and actor, Danila Valerievich Kozlovsky, will be joining the cast of Vikings season 6 as Oleg the Prophet also known as Oleg of Novgorod. Oleg was a prince of the Vikings, part of those who sailed the rivers of countries now known as Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Danila is a multiple award winner who is also recognized as an Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation. He was the star of Viking, a 2016 Russian film on the history of Vladimir the Great. It is expected that he will bring on his amazing acting skills to play. Ladies, another cast to die for? Oh yes, he sure is good-looking!


Release Date of Vikings’ Sixth Season

Over a month before the 5th run of Vikings was set to begin, an announcement was made about Vikings season 6. This season is to include 20 episodes and is expected to commence airing sometime in 2019. Interestingly, Queen Lagertha will be joining the crew on set as a director. Oh, the Queen’s real name is actually Katheryn Winnick and this will be her debut as a director.

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