Who Is Adam22, The No Jumper Founder? His Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Who Is Adam22, The No Jumper Founder? His Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Success is built one step at a time and is not just an empire one stumbles upon or a destination that can be arrived at out of the blues. The No Jumper founder and podcast host, Adam22 has built a media empire that harbors podcasts, vlogs, and fashion out of sheer dedication and love for what he does. The American entertainer and YouTube personality, among other things, is also prominent for the controversies he brews. Here’s all you need to know about him.

Who Is Adam22? His Age

He was born on November 24, 1983, in Nashua, New Hampshire where he was also raised. Named Adam John Grandmaison, he got his pseudonym Adam22 after he started his website. Though he is now famous, he had a less than stellar early life with his mother who was a librarian, a social worker father, and one sister. His father was arrested when Adam was in sixth grade for a white-collar crime and released when he turned 16.

Adam22 attended Nashua High School South and was enrolled at a community college in Massachusetts though he left after a year. Afterward, he moved to the University of Massachusetts Lowell but dropped out before graduation following the consistent drop in his grades.

Adam was exposed to music from an early age and was influenced by the rapper Snoop Dogg whose 1993 album, Doggystyle did the magic of initiating him into the hip-hop scene. As a young lad, other activities also got his attention such as writing (he regularly posted video-game reviews and other related blogs) and cycling sport, particularly BMX riding. He also played professional poker online.


With the myriad of activities at his disposal, he considered putting all together to bring innovation into the BMX arena, especially with most of the BMX websites at that time either outdated or did not post often. Thus, he founded his own website, The Come Up, in 2006, to change the way BMX is seen. The site went on to become one of the most popular BMX websites of all time. Being a prolific BMX biker, he also created a BMX biking team and a BMX-based clothing line known as OnSomeShit with a retail store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Afterward, he debuted on the hip-hop scene with the podcast and video series called No Jumper. It was initially started as a blog on Tumblr in 2011 by George Potter and financed by Adam22. As a blog, it covered emerging artists such as Clams Casino being ignored by larger media publications. They also reviewed Gucci Mane mixtapes. Formerly a rap Tumble guy, he took his music career up a notch by releasing two singles in 2018: Hard featuring Tay-K and BlocBoy JB and Rivals featuring Killy and Smooky MarGielaa.

Following a year of activity on the blog, posts slowed to a stop in 2012. However, Adam revived it in 2015 and hosted a podcast on YouTube, and shifted focus to interviews with underground rap artists and tastemakers. Subsequently, the channel popped into the mainstream after he interviewed Memphis rapper and prominent underground rap figure, Xavier Wulf followed by segments with Pouya and Fat Nick. The former’s interview went viral within the hip-hop communities and consequently sparked Adam’s newfound interest in interviewing prominent figures within both underground and mainstream hip-hop.

Since then, he has interviewed both up-and-coming talents as well as established rappers such as Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, Ugly God, 6ix9ine, Action Bronson, ASAP Mob, Smokepurpp, Trippie Redd, DJ Getter, Matt Ox, and XXXTentacion. The interview with the latter was very famous and amassed over 8 million views and was credited with giving the then underground rapper exposure to a wide audience. The interviews also helped launch other artists. He has also interviewed other personalities besides rappers including YouTuber Shane Dawson.

His work has been recognized and lauded by a number of personalities and media outlets including Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg who views him “as an advance scout searching for combustible new talent,” and Rolling Stone which described him as “underground hip-hop’s major tastemaker.” Moreover, the No Jumper YouTube channel was also dubbed “The Paris Review of the face-tattoo set” by the New York Times and has garnered over 1 million subscribers as of February 2018 with more than 200 million total video views. He also has a second YouTube channel, adam22, with over 600k subscribers.

In March 2018, Grandmaison announced via Twitter, his partnership with Atlantic Records to form No Jumper Records.

Sexual Assault Allegations

Adam22 has had his fair share of notoriety and controversy such as being involved in credit card fraud in college, facing a significant public backlash in 2014 after posting a controversial video to his Facebook of BMX riders who was known to frequent his bike shop among others. Nevertheless, the recent case of sexual assault allegations against him seems to be the most controversial.

Shortly after announcing his partnership with Atlantic Records, he faced multiple accusations of rape and sexual misconduct as well as physical abuse. The allegations were reported by multiple music news outlets and blogs including Pitchfork. An unnamed woman also claimed that Adam is a “serial rapist who is notorious for doxing women who speak up against him for raping them.” He has outrightly denied all these claims both in a statement on Twitter and during an interview with DJ Akademiks.

Net Worth

Adam22 has been in the fame game for a long time and has already built an empire for himself worth over a 6 figure amount. From playing poker 12 hours a day with an average of 1,000 hands an hour to blogging, then vlogging and hosting podcasts combined with his merch site, he has earned a substantial amount in net worth. His net worth has been estimated to be $1 million.

Who Is Adam22, The No Jumper Founder? His Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth
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Adam22 Girlfriend

Adam Grandmaison is dating vlogger and YouTube personality Lena Nersesian – popularly known as Lena the Plug. The duo met after she sent him a message about her job at the time. They are not your regular couple. For instance, when they both hit 1 million subscribers on their respective channels, they promised to make a sex tape together, which did not end up happening. However, they also filmed a threesome together with a tattoo artist and import model, Taylor White. She also lets her best friend have sex with her boyfriend.


He is quite a tall bloke with a height of 6 feet. His body also reeks of body arts which can be found majorly on his neck and torso including a head tattoo of Lisa Simpson in honor of Lil Peep.

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