Who is Chloe Lmao? How Old is She? Here are The Facts

Who is Chloe Lmao? How Old is She? Here are The Facts

The internet as we have it today is a platform where stars and celebrities are made by just doing what they catch fun doing. One of such internet made celebrities and media personality is Chloe Woodard. She goes by the moniker Chloe Lmao on social media and particularly on Vine where she became famous for making her relatable six seconds comedy Vine videos which attracted a huge following to her handle within a relatively short time.

Who is Chloe Lmao and How Old is She?

Chloe is a young lady who was born prior to the millennial age. She was born on the 18th day of July 1999 in Naperville, Illinois, the United States of America.

Like most American kids nowadays who have access to the internet and tend to express their creativity in diverse ways with it, Chloe Lmao wasn’t an exception as she took to making comic videos and uploading them on Vine.

Much hasn’t been revealed about her family, however, in an interview, as reported by popdust.com, she made mention of her father being the one that has recommended all her favourite books. She also made it known that he has great taste in music, movies and literature. Going by this, we can assume that her family is a happy one.

Chloe Lmao’s video “Who is She” was among the first vine videos to go viral which translates into her Vine account being one of the first to be talked about much. The video garnered thousands of likes and revines with millions of loops. More funny videos came from this talented young lady and she got even more followers.

When Vine ended or rather metamorphosed into the form we now see today, it didn’t put a stop to Chloe’s creative prowess. She has been busy doing what she loves most and gaining fame on other social media platforms. On Instagram; her eerie drawings, dark and catchy film photography which numbers above 500 posts have seen over 241k followers identify to love what she does with her contrachloe handle. Going over to YouTube, she recently shared a song made by her and titled “Old Man” on her Chloe Woodard channel. The video has seen over 35k views while her channel has more than 16k subscribers after its December 5, 2015, launching.

Who is Chloe Lmao? How Old is She? Here are The Facts
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Here are the Facts about Her

Chloe Lmao is an interesting personality with many facts to learn about her. As she grows older and becomes more successful in her career, it is expected and given that a lot of things would have been revealed about her. Meanwhile, learn these interesting facts about Chloe Lmao.

Zodiac sign – Her zodiac sign is cancer.

Body stats – Her height is 5 feet 1 inch with a bodyweight of 45 to 50kg, approximately. She wears a bra size 32A, her waist is 24 inches while her hip is 33 inches. She is still a young lady and possibly has some more growing up to do before she becomes an adult, so these body stats won’t remain constant for long.

Christine Sydelko – Chloe met Christine in a Gabriel Gundacker performance she attended and had the opportunity to speak to him. The two celebrities later collaborated together.

Music talent – With the upload of her first song on YouTube, she has shown convincingly that she has a talent for music and could possibly take on the music scene.

Poetry and songs – she disclosed that she has been writing poetry and songs for a very long time and hopes to start a band soon with her friend named Nicole.

Favourite band – Talking Heads, Beat Happening, Ty Segall, Twin Peaks, Naked Raygun and Teen Suicide.

Hair and eye colours – Chloe’s hair colour is blonde, while her eyes are hazel in colour.

Online friends – The former Viner thinks it is exciting and not so much weird meeting her online friends in real life. She posits that one never knows if someone’s online persona can be very much different from who they are in real life.

Recognition – her works haven’t been without recognition. Chloe Lmao was a Shorty Award finalist and she is happy to have been recognised for her work.

School – Chloe has been busy finishing her senior year in school and haven’t had time to make comedy videos again. Perhaps when she is done with high school, we might get to see more of her before and maybe during her college studies.

Unknown hobby – one hobby of hers that is relatively unknown is photography.

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