Who Is Laura Clery? Her Age, Biography, Husband, Wiki, Net Worth

Becoming famous and rich is no longer meant for politicians alone as it was some decades ago. In this era, even without a degree, many people have risen to prominence as a result of their activities on the internet; Laura Clery is one of such famous people.

A Los Angeles-based internet influencer, Clery is famed for her heavy presence on several social media outlets where she enjoys huge followership and a strong fanbase. Ever since she burst into the mainstream of success, the pretty lady has continued to impress her fans across the world with her superlative videos which center on random issues about life.

If you are wondering who Laura really is, if she is married, who her husband is, how much she makes as an entrepreneur and how she has been fairing in her career, we’ve got the answers here. Read on to find them all.

Who Is Laura Clery?

She is a digital influencer and a popular content creator famed for her roles on Facebook. Unlike most internet celebrities, Laura reaches out to her massive audience on Facebook where she boasts over 3 million followers.

Famed for her characters such as – Pamela Pupkin and Ivy – Clery actually started out as an actress. At the time, she was mostly into sitcoms and commercials until the time she felt she needs to have control over her life and career. Following her decision to pull out of the movie community, Laura began to create her own content from the comfort of her home, posting at least one video on Facebook every day for one year.

Today, the internet sensation has over 3 million followers on Facebook. She also works with mega networks such as Comedy Central to create classic content for other agencies. Recently, she shot a three-part series with Comedy Central and according to her, she independently wrote, directed, and played all the characters in the series.

Laura Clery also features a live show every Sunday at 3:00 pm. She disclosed that she basically interacts with the audience as one of her characters, Pamela Pupkin on the show and that she uses the feedback from the show to work on her content and shape her career as well.

Her Bio and Age

According to records, Laura was welcomed into the world on July 22, 1986. Her birthplace is Downers Grove, a fast-growing Village, in DuPage County, Illinois, United States while her birth sign is Cancer. Clery holds an American Nationality and has Caucasian roots.

After a frantic search, we can confirm that there’s no available information about the sensation’s parents, siblings, family members, early life, and educational achievements.

What Is Laura Clery’s Net Worth?

As someone who boasts a fast-growing career, Laura Clery’s little time in the spotlight as an internet personality is quite commendable. She may not be as popular as internet stars such as Galina Dub, Sarah Baska, Emma Chamberlain, and Savannah Soutas but she sure stands a chance of reaching the top if she continues to work hard and impress her fans. Clery’s wealth is valued at $200,000.

Is She Married, Who’s Her Husband?

The American Facebook personality is the wife of Stephen Hilton, an English-born digital influencer, record producer, and composer. The couple met a couple of years ago at a party. The two, however, became close after hanging out some days later, after which Stephen and Laura established an intimate relationship with them. The lovebirds later got married and are currently spending the best moments of their lives as husband and wife.

For some reasons not known to us, the location of the couple’s wedding, as well as the date they said ‘I Do’ to each other, is not known to the public. Similarly, it is not known if they have children or not but the couple appears to be a perfect match for each other.

According to information online, Stephen Hilton was born in England, United Kingdom, on February 7, 1974. His career in the entertainment industry has given him the opportunity to work with so many Hollywood stars either as a composer or music producer. He runs a digital media company known as “Idiots Inc” – with his wife and regularly features in his wife’s comic videos called Help Helen Smash. Idiots Inc focuses on creating shows for TV / Digital as well as making viral entertainment content.

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