Yvonne De Carlo – Bio, Body Measurements, Net Worth, Movies

There are those celebrities who seem to have it all from the good looks to the talent for everything – singing, dancing, acting, and all that comes in between. Yvonne De Carlo fell in that class of celebrities. With nice blues eyes and overwhelming beauty, she was an actress, singer, and dancer who excelled in all fields although she became very famous for her acting career that covered everything from the stage to screen and even radio.

She started her career as a performer in 1939 and immediately started building a strong followership thanks to her talent that made almost everything she did seem very easy. She appeared in more than a century productions and had a good number of songs to her name.

Yvonne De Carlo Biography

The Canadian-American performer was born Margaret Yvonne Middleton in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on September 1, 1922. Of Italian, Scottish, and New Zealand descent, she was born to a mother who as a teenager was very rebellious and tried all she could to be an actress and performer. Her father, William Middleton was a salesman.

It was in Arbeta that her parents first met and got married before they finally moved to Vancouver where their daughter was later born. The problem was that the marriage between her parents was not one that was problem free. When she was just three, her father fled home after he was involved in various swindles. He promised his wife and his little girl that he was going to send for them but he never did. In fact, they never heard of him again except for the rumor that he had gotten married again and much later died.

Her mother was now left alone to take care of her little girl and so she was forced to get a job but even with that, they had to move from apartment to apartment, having to return to the home of her maternal grandparents.

For her education, she went to Lord Roberts Elementary School where she developed an interest in becoming a writer. She even wrote a poem that made it to The Vancouver Sun for which she was given a five dollar prize which she said at the time meant so much to her.

Yvonne De Carlo continued with her writings, coming up with plays that she performed but her mother also got her to take dancing and acting classes because she wanted her to be a performer, and so she was enrolled in Vancouver’s June Roper School of the Dance.

After going on to have a great career, De Carlo suffered a partial stroke in 1998 and then in 2007, she died of a heart attack.

Her Movies

Career-wise, Yvonne De Carlo enjoyed a very good run most especially as an actress. From 1941 to 1945, she was in many movies that went uncredited including playing a showgirl in This Gun for Hire (1942) and Rhythm Parade (1942). The first role for which she got the credit was in Deerslayer (1943) in which she took the role of Princess Wah-Tah.

The opportunity for a breakthrough came for her in the 1945 drama film Salome, Where She Danced. From then, De Carlo continued to appear in many more movies that would keep her light shining until the early 1990s when she called it quits. Some of her movies include The Ten Commandments (1956), McLintock! (1963), American Gothic (1988), and Mirror, Mirror (1990).

She was also in many TV shows such as Lights Out (1952) which became the first TV role she took. Others are The Backbone of America (1953), The Greatest Show on Earth: The Night the Monkey Died (1964), and A Masterpiece of Murder (1986).

As stated, she also made radio drama and stage appearances. But more than as an actress, Yvonne De Carlo was also a singer who released an album Yvonne De Carlo Sings in 1957. She also has a number of singles that were released between 1950 and 1958.

Yvonne De Carlo’s Net Worth

With a career that spanned many decades and was successful in many ways than one, De Carlo did not only attain fame but also fortune with a net worth that was estimated at $2 million. More so, she won many awards including two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Body Measurements

Yvonne De Carlo was a woman that was not only blessed with talent but also with good looks, grace, and charm. That said, the blue-eyed beauty was not the tallest woman that was in Hollywood as she only stood at 5 feet 4 inches. More so, she had a good body that measured 36-25-34 inches for chest, waist, and hips.

She was once married to Robert Drew Morgan whom she appeared in The Ten Commandments with. The couple had two sons together; Bruce Ross who was born in 1956 and Michael (1957). The marriage lasted from 1955 until 1973 when it ended in divorce.

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