7 Things You Didn’t Know About Marvin Heemeyer’s Killdozer Revenge  

One can never know how far some people can go until they are pushed. Marvin Heemeyer felt pushed and he went farther than anyone would have thought. He made it to the headlines when he decided to give to his community what he thought they deserved – the Marvin Heemeyer’s Killdozer Revenge.

After 3 years of legally trying to stop the zoning of land that would both hinder him from taking the easy route to his muffler shop and destroy the business that took him years to build, he decided it was time to take revenge on Granby, Colorado. He then redesigned a bulldozer into a D355A Killdozer that he used to pass through many walls and destroyed properties worth about $7 million dollars.

Although many gave an account of him to be a hardworking and logical man who owned an automobile muffler shop, Marvin Heemeyer’s revenge on Granby has been described as unreasonable. Heemeyer, however, felt that ‘sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things’. Here are things to know about the entire event.

Facts About Marvin Heemeyer’s Killdozer Revenge  

1. What led to Killdozer revenge?

Although he was born in South Dakota, United States, Marvin Heemeyer moved to Granby 10 years before the revenge and started a shop as a welder; he owned an automobile muffler repair shop. His business flourished quite well thanks to the work and dedication he put into it. In 1992, he bought land and built his muffler shop. Subsequently, he planned on selling the land to Cody Docheff to build a concrete batch plant, but because they couldn’t agree on the fee, Docheff backed out.

Fate had its way when the zoning commission and the town’s trustees later ratified the construction of a concrete batch plant on the land next to his. The problem was that it was a shortcut he used between his shop and home. With all effort to get the zoning commission to reconsider its stance failing, he decided he was going to get his revenge.

2. How he created his Killdozer

Following his dispute with the Granby zoning commission and the inability to get what he wanted, he decided to make a statement using a bulldozer he initially purchased with the aim of creating an alternative route from his home to his shop.

He modified the bulldozer into an indestructible monster that would later be named “Killdozer”. The bulldozer had a makeshift armor plating covering the cabin and other parts of the machine; bulletproof cameras, 5000-PSI Quikrete concrete mix sandwiched between the sheets of tool steel which he used to make ad-hoc composite amour that made the Killdozer impenetrable to bullets and explosives.

3. When did Marvin Heemeyer carry out his revenge?

For 18 months, Heemeyer built his Killdozer, but before the revenge, he made several audios and notes stating his reasons for the attack. In his note he wrote, “I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable”. He sent the audios to his brother hours before executing his plan.

On June 4, 2004, in Granby, Colorado, Marvin at the age of 54 decided to carry out his attack on buildings. Even when securities tried to stop Heemeyer and his Killdozer, he continued successfully to destroy buildings.

4. He destroyed 13 buildings in 2 hours

After Heemeyer climbed his Killdozer and sealed himself, he drove through the walls of his shop and as one would expect, he began by destroying the concrete plant, town hall, the office of the local newspaper that editorialized against him, the home of a former mayor, and another store of a man mentioned in his lawsuit.

By the time the Marvin Heemeyer’s Killdozer revenge was done, he had destroyed 13 buildings worth about $7 million within the 2 hours of his operation.

5. Killdozer couldn’t be destroyed by the many bullets and explosives aimed at it

In trying to stop the attack, security personnel stood their grounds, fired several bullets and used explosives such as a flash-bang grenade but it was fruitless.

6. Who died during the Killdozer revenge?

Although buildings went down, shots were fired, and explosives were used, there were no records of death or injury related to the attack except for Heemeyer himself.

Authorities reported that people occupied the buildings where the attacks were carried out before Heemeyer began his revenge, so it was only for luck that no one was affected.


7. What happened to Marvin and his Killdozer after the revenge?

After the bulldozer was trapped in the basement of a hardware store he was still destroying, Heemeyer shot himself.

In an attempt to get Heemeyer out, the police used several explosives but failed. Hence, they used an Oxyacetylene Cutting torch to remove the attacker at about 2:00 am on June 5. The town later announced its intention to sell parts of the bulldozer in pieces.

After the incident, the list of the places he planned to destroy and the people who sided against him in the dispute was gotten in his apartment together with notes. The only place not destroyed as he made in his list was a catholic church.

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