Ann Serrano Biography, Married, Divorce, Kids, Family, Quick Facts

Beyond being a very beautiful woman, Ann Serrano Lopez is a very talented American actress, writer, and producer. While there are many who know her as such, there are others who simply know her as the former wife of American comedian and actor, George Lopez.

Ann Serrano Biography

It was on 18 December 1960 in Hartford, Connecticut that the actress was born as Ann Marie Serrano by Cuban immigrant parents who were both in the medical line. Her childhood is hardly known and although she has grown to achieve a good deal for herself, she will be mostly referred to as the ex-wife of George Lopez.

Anne Serrano is an actress and TV producer as well as an activist who has taken to charity and creating awareness. Together with her then-husband, she organized a Kidney screening examination in 2009, and they concentrated on people who were not insured. This was not only because of the history they had with the disease but also to give back to the society during the economic problems of the period.

She revealed that she was working on starting her Talk Show as far back as 2013, but it has been unable to come to fruition. As an actress, the woman has appeared in very few movies where she played minor roles. such movies include Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000) and Arrested Development (2003). In 2002, she was also a part of the TV series, George Lopez. Again, she was on Life with Bonnie in 2003.

Married, Kids, Family, and Divorce

In 1993, Ann Serrano got married to George Lopez. They got married after meeting in May 1990 at The Ice House. The two remained together until 2011 when they decided that as a result of irreconcilable differences, they needed to part ways. As such, they went for a divorce.

Before the marriage ended, Ann and George who were abandoned by his parents when he was a kid and was raised by his grandmother who was a mean-spirited woman had only one daughter between them known as Mayan Lopez, born in 1995. Just like her parents, Mayan is also an actress. She has made appearances in Mr Troop Man (2009),  Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (2017), and her latest work is Kill Her! Mata La! (2018).

Shortly before the 17-years old marriage crashed, the comedian’s kidneys failed as a result of a genetic condition that had kept him almost always sick from 1998 to 2005. It was his wife, Ann Serrano that donated one of her’s to him, and according to him, after he woke up, he had never felt as good as he did for many years.

Although they were fully divorced by June 2011, the battle for how their wealth would be shared continued until 2012 when it was reached by the court that Ann should have as much as half of the retirement benefits of her husband and other entitlements. Today, as revealed by George Lopez, he and Ann are in a very good place. One major contributing factor may just be the fact that they have a child together.

Quick Facts About Ann Serrano

1. She is a daughter of immigrants who came to the United States from Cuba.

2. Ann was married to George Lopez for 17 years before finally getting a divorce in 2011.

3. At the time of their divorce, they had a daughter who was then 16 years old.

4. Both Ann and her comedian ex-husband have remained away from any public relationships since they divorced each other, and they are both still unmarried.

5. The beautiful woman, her ex-husband, and her daughter Mayan Lopez are all actors.

6. In 2008, her mother lost a kidney just the same way her husband did. At the time, her mother was 76 years old and she started complaining of tiredness which she thought was a result of age.

7. During their campaigns, Ann and her ex, advised people to live healthy lives by exercising and avoiding some kind of drugs that have not been tested in addition to taking a lot of water.

8. Although her net worth is still under review, her ex-husband’s net worth has been estimated at  $35 million. From his retirement, the value of which has not been disclosed, Ann will have half of it according to the courts after the two got a divorce in 2012.

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