Armon and Trey – Biography, Family, Facts about the Musical Artists

Armon and Trey – Biography, Family, Facts about the Musical Artists

Popular pop and R&B duo Ar’mon & Trey built their popularity by making a cover of hit songs and uploading them on social media. The duo which is made up of brothers Armon Warren and Trey Traylor has gradually taken over the social media space with their frequent release of tracks on Vine and subsequently, Instagram and YouTube. In the nearest future, it is predicted that the two would transcend social media to enter mainstream media as their popularity keeps growing. Find out more about the brothers and their career journey as you scroll through.

Armon & Trey Biography

Armon Warren was born on May 18, 1997, while his brother Trey was born on November 25, 1998. Growing up, the duo showed great interest in music, especially pop, little did they know that this would take them places in the nearest future. Armon & Trey started out their journey on the popular Vine platform under the name Armon and trey.

They would record covers of contemporary songs and post them on the app, drawing attention to themselves in the process. Comedy was also part of the content they shared on the platform but the duo later focused more on music. They did covers of various songs by notable singers in the industry including Drake and Usher. The duo soon became a hit on Vine with tons of followers flooding their account after which they set out to take Instagram the same way they took Vine. Under the same account name, they mesmerized their followers with amazing performances of contemporary hits.

Armon and Trey went on to create a YouTube channel where they posted more videos. With millions of views and thousands of likes on each video, their YouTube channel has indeed projected them to the world and placed them on a reputable pedestal in the social space. It can be recalled that their cover of the song Kiss it Better by Rihanna garnered over 10 million views upon its release. This is the same with almost every song cover they upload on their YouTube channel.

From recording songs by other celebrities, Armon and Trey went on to do their own tracks. In 2017, they released hits like She for EverybodyDrownBreakdown, and many others. They also added more to their list in the year 2018. They were so good that many stakeholders picked interested in their craft. Some of their songs were co-written by A-list singers Eric Bellinger and Neyo. The duo soon struck a deal with Warner Bros label and had their songs released by them. This has been a huge achievement for the brothers; they have continued to make waves in the industry and are pulling in tons of fans in the process.

Armon and Trey – Biography, Family, Facts about the Musical Artists
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Armon and Trey’s Family – Parents, Siblings

Both Armon and Trey were born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. There’s no verified information on whether they were born of the same father and mother. But some sources have reported that the music artists were both raised alongside four other siblings by their mother, Shiquitta Hathaway in Detroit. Among their siblings is popular basketball player Dwight Burton. While Trey’s educational background is not really known, several sources have reported that Armond attended Michigan Collegiate High School after which he proceeded to Michigan State University.

Other Facts To Know About Ar’mon & Trey

  • Social media presence

Together, the duo manages their official Instagram account but they also have their own individual accounts which they use to promote their business as well. Apart from Instagram and Youtube, Armon and his brother also have an account named ‘TheRealAandT’ on the YouNow platform. They are also active on Twitter; their Twitter handle has garnered thousands of followers over the years.

  • Personal life

Armon and Trey are not so discreet when it comes to their personal life. This is why it is not news that the two have had girlfriends. Armon has been in a relationship with Amari J while Trey is said to be dating Senia. What is not really known is whether they are still in the said relationships.

  • Height

Armon stands at a height of 5ft 9in which complements his weight of 68kg. His brother Trey is taller and stands at 6ft 2in but his weight has not been recorded. The talented artists stand out for their nicely shaped body builds.

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