Big Show Height, Weight, Wife, Weight Loss, Net Worth, Bio, Is He Dead? 

Big Show Height, Weight, Wife, Weight Loss, Net Worth, Bio, Is He Dead? 

One of the shining lights of professional wrestling, Big Show has thrilled the WWE fan base with his entertaining brand of wrestling for the last two decades. Trained by legendary figures such as Tripple H, Al Snow, and Glenn Ruth, Big Show continues his quest to amass more titles and establish himself as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Big Show Biography

Born Paul Donald Wight on the 8th of February 1972 in South California, United States. Big Show attended Northern Junior College in Tonkawa Oklahoma where he excelled at basketball before enrolling at the Wichita State University.

Upon graduation, due to his intimidating physique, Big Show started out as a bouncer at Night Clubs before making his debut into wrestling.

After he was introduced to veteran wrestler Hulk Hogan, Big Show began the tedious journey of learning the ropes and gaining the approval of industry heavyweights. In 1995, he joined the World Championship Wrestling with the ring name The Giant.

After a three-year stint, he made a cross-over to the WWE in 1999 at the age of 27. He put pen to paper on a ten-year contract with the World Wrestling Federation. During his early days at WWE, Big Show had matchups with established names such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Kane among others.

Wight is a seven-time world champion, over the course of his career he has also won two WCW World Heavyweight Championships and one ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

He also has two World Heavyweight Championships and two WWE Championship titles. He remains the only professional wrestler to win all four championships.

He is also an eleven-time World Tag Team champion. Five of his world-tag team championships came during his partnership with Chris Jericho, Kane, and The Miz. He teamed up with the legendary Undertaker to win the tag team championship twice.

Alongside Kurt Angle and Edge, Big Show is only the third in wrestling history to win every male WWE Championship. Throughout his trophy-laden career, he has held a total of 23 championship titles.

As the Big Show brand evolved, he diversified his creative energy into Commercials, Acting, and featured in video games. He is a regular feature on the video game SmackDown Vs. Raw. He also made an appearance on Sisqo and Foxy Brown’s remix of the hit Thong Song.

Big Show Height, Weight, Wife, Weight Loss, Net Worth, Bio, Is He Dead? 
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Big Show has also made appearances in shows such as Hollywood Squares, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Star Trek: Enterprise, Royal Pains, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and The Waterboy.

In 1998, Big Show was entangled in controversy after he was alleged to have hit a man with his trademark “Knock out punch” at the Mariott Hotel in New York. After investigations, a court presided over by Judge Thomas Feinman found him not guilty.

Height, Weight, and Weight Loss

Growing up, Big Show had challenges with his body physique and was diagnosed with an excess growth hormone disorder. The implication of his condition was that at the age of 12 he was already 6ft 2 inches. After a successful surgery to halt his rapid growth which involved corrective measures on his pituitary glands and endocrine system, his growth abnormalities were arrested.

He currently stands at a staggering 7 feet. He weighs an astonishing 174 kg! Definitely not a man to mess around with.

With the help of fitness expert Dodd Romero, he embarked on a journey to manage his body frame and weight. He had successful hip surgery in 2017 after a 3.5cm hole developed in his hip. He lost some weight while undergoing treatment but with improved dieting and fitness exercises, Big Show has a much proportional physique.


Big Show has been married twice. He married Melissa Ann Piavis on valentine’s day 1997. They have a daughter Cierra Wight who was born on October 2, 1997. After five years together, they finalized their divorce on February 6, 2002, eight days shy of what would have been their fifth marriage anniversary.

Five days after his divorce from Melissa was formalized, Big Show married former model Bess Katramados. An avid wrestling fan, Bess, and Big Show have two kids, a Boy, and a girl, both names are yet undisclosed.

Net Worth

With his worldwide pedigree, it should come as no surprise that Big Show is worth $20 million. The bulk of his earnings come from the wrestling franchise WWE, and his brand endorsements.

Is Big Show Dead?

After his surgery in 2017, there were rumors swirling over his health. But suffice it to say that Big Show is hale and hearty. He recently signed a new three-year deal in May 2018 with WWE.