Bonnie And Clyde’s Death: Who Killed Them and How Many People Did They Kill?

Bonnie And Clyde’s Death: Who Killed Them and How Many People Did They Kill?

Many years have come and gone since Bonnie and Clyde’s death, but events that led to their unfortunate end still sends a chill down the spine. Inasmuch as their story has managed to be romanticized almost more than that of any criminal duo in history, their tale is more of a lesson in the class of crime than it is about what true love is.

In the 1930s, the duo formed a notorious robbery gang that did not only break into a bank but also killed many people before finally meeting their own waterloo.

Events Leading To Bonnie and Clyde’s Death

Before becoming what they were and ending the way they did, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow began their lives both in Texas where the former would later work as a waitress while the latter took a job as a laborer.

Both coming from families that were very poor, their paths crossed for the first time in 1930, when the path of Clyde had already crossed with the law. His first arrest came only four years before their first meeting and it was for automobile theft after he failed to return a rented car. Only a few weeks down the line, he was arrested for yet another time for possession of stolen turkeys loaded in a truck.

On her part, Bonnie was exposed to crime even before she met Clyde. She was previously married to her high school sweetheart; his name was Roy Thornton. The marriage did not last a long time as only months later, it disintegrated with her husband later ending behind bars in 1929 for robbery.

Not long after her husband was jailed, Bonnie who was 19 met the man with whom she would go down with, Clyde who was 21.

By 1932, they were already deep into crime, forming a gang with a gunman known as Raymond Hamilton who would in no time be replaced with Daniel Jones. Two more people would join the gang by 1933; Ivan M Barrow who was popular as Buck and Blanche, his wife. Barrow was Clyde’s brother and he joined the gang months after the governor granted him pardon from prison.

With the gang of five formed, they engaged in some very dangerous robberies and made headlines across the United States. They managed to evade the law until one day in July 1933 when Buck was brought down following a shootout and his wife was arrested. Three months later, another member of the gang, Jones, would be captured.

Bonnie And Clyde’s Death: Who Killed Them and How Many People Did They Kill?
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How They Died and Who Killed Them

Later, attempts including an ambush were set to apprehend the two remaining members of the deadly gang; Bonnie and Clyde, but it failed. In January 1934, they broke into the Eastham State Prison Farm at Waldo, Texas where they helped five prisoners to escape.

Having formed a bond in life and crime, following Bonnie and Clyde’s death, the notorious duo had wished they would be buried beside each other but because the mother of the former did not approve of the relationship her daughter had with the latter, she decided to bury her separately while he was buried close to his brother. His gravestone carries the words; “Gone but not forgotten”, words he chose himself.

In the last month before Bonnie and Clyde’s death, they shot two police officers before going on to abduct another. With the law in desperate pursuit of them, the two took refuge with an accomplice in Louisiana, Henry Methvin.

Soon, words got to the police on the whereabouts of the criminals and a team of police officers from Louisiana where they fled to and Texas police departments decided to set an ambush for them with the help of Methvin’s father who was made to stand by the road in order to distract them.

The infamous criminals fell for the ambush as seeing the older man, they parked by the roadside at Bienville Parish. By the time they realized they had been set up, Clyde was already shot and more bullets fell on the two, leading to their deaths.

How Many People Did Bonnie and Clyde Kill?

As already pointed out, the criminal duo was killed by police officers from Texas and Louisiana police departments after a well-planned ambush that left their car and bodies riddled with bullets. They were said to have more than 50 gunshot wounds while their car was washed in their blood.

Before they finally bowed to the superior power of the law, they were involved in more than 10 robberies and killed 13 people. Among those they were said to have killed were two police officers and a sheriff.