Brad Zibung – Bio, Everything To Know About Sarah Spain’s Husband

Brad Zibung – Bio, Everything To Know About Sarah Spain’s Husband

A good number of people have come to know Brad Zibung as a wealthy American entrepreneur. Among other things, he is a fine real estate investor and newspaperman who is admired in several quarters for owning and publishing the famous satirical and mock sports magazine – The Heckler.

Without a doubt, this fella has made a lot of money for himself in the world of business and while this makes him popular in his own terrain, his fame grew even higher after he began dating the renowned sports journalist and television personality, Sarah Spain. The couple has maintained a happy and successful relationship, regardless of whether the camera is turned towards or away from them.

Brad Zibung – Bio

The billionaire businessman Brad Zibung was born in the United States, sometime in November 1976. He has not revealed his exact birth date or any other details about his early childhood, family background, the identities of his parents and siblings, or even where he completed his basic education.

Brad attended high school in his local vicinity, and after graduating he went on to the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, where he bagged a major and minor in journalism and public relations.

He completed his tertiary education in 1999, and ten years later he was honored with an Outstanding Young Alumni Award by the University.

Professional Life

Brad began his career journey by working as a public relations assistant for the University of Wisconsin, where he refined his skills and gained practical knowledge in communications and marketing. He spent two years at the job before deciding to venture into the corporate business world. He found work at Leo Burnett Group – a global advertising agency – as a communications associate. Brad served at the firm for five years, then went on to a new job as a senior field operations manager at a company called StubHub. He became an essential part of the company and was one of those who had a hand in the company being profitable enough to sell for $310 million to eBay in 2007.

Asides from his accomplishments in the corporate world, Brad Zibung also started his own company, a sports newspaper called The Heckler in 2003. He has served as the paper’s Editor-in-Chief since its inception. The paper is beloved by readers in over 40 states, and its focus on providing satirical and unbelievable sports coverage has received acclaim and praise from several headquarters including top media outlets like FOX Chicago, ESPN Radio Chicago, Chicago Tribune, and The Sporting News. So far, The Heckler circulates about 30,000 copies a month.

Being the smart and enterprising man that he is, Brad decided to expand his portfolio in a new direction by breaking into the real estate business. He partnered with Craig Isacson to form @properties, which is now Chicago’s leading real estate brokerage firm. Thanks to Brad’s management skills, the company managed to turn over $10 million annually in sales in just less than three years on the market.

Brad Zibung – Bio, Everything To Know About Sarah Spain’s Husband
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Family Life

Brad Zibung met his lovely wife Sarah Spain at a charity event organized by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2008. They went to watch a baseball game in 2009 and this became their first date. They soon discovered how much they really liked each other and began dating. Five years down relationship lane, Brad proposed to Sarah while they were vacationing in Tanzania. The couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony held at County Line Orchard in Chicago on May 29, 2016. Over 300 guests were in attendance, and afterward, the newlyweds went on a mini-honeymoon in Cancun, before going on their honeymoon in New Zealand and Australia.

Brad Zibung Net Worth?

This business owner and real estate magnate have made a lot of money from his endeavors over the years. Some quarters estimate that Brad Zibung is worth around $1.5 billion, most of which has come from his real estate investments. His wife, the ESPN sports anchor and columnist Sarah Spain is estimated to have a net value of $900,000, and she earns over $150,000 in salaries annually.

Facts About Sarah Spain’s Husband

1. Brad Zibung’s fame and influence afford him access to season tickets for all the major Chicago-based sports teams such as the Blackhawks, Cubs, Bulls, and Bears.

2. The billionaire newspaper owner plays volleyball, basketball, and softball recreationally, and he has very impressive skills.

3. He is a philanthropist with a very big heart who regularly donates to causes like Hear the Cheers, National Parks Conservation programs, Evans Org, Peace for Pits, and Off the Streets Club, amongst others.