Cleo Wattenstrom – Bio, Married, Husband (Joel Kinnaman), Age, Height

Cleo Wattenstrom is a Swedish tattoo artist, however, it isn’t her job of painting people that made her popular but her marriage to one of Hollywood’s finest, actor, . Kinnaman is best known for his role as Detective Stephen Holder in the AMC crime drama series, The Killing. Here is more about her and her romance with Kinnaman.

Cleo Wattenstrom’s Bio (Age)

Cleo Wattenstrom was born on the 12th day of June 1992 in Belgium. Her parents are said to hail from the African nation of Ethiopia as well as Sweden. As a kid, Wattenstrom traveled a lot alongside her parents and as a result, was exposed to varying cultures of the world.

By her teens, her family came to settle in Stockholm, Sweden, where she spent the most apart of her early adult life. An explorer by nature, Cleo Wattenstrom wanted to live an unrestricted life and having a regular education seemed to get in the way of that, thus, she passed schooling.

With no future college degree in sight, Cleo had to think of something else to do in order to afford ends meet and the first thing which came to her heart was tattoos as drawing was one of the things she knew how to do well. At 14 years of age, she began training as an apprentice in a tattoo shop in Stockholm. A fast learner, Cleo Wattenstrom was ready to be a standalone tattoo artist in a short while. She now runs a private tattoo studio in Venice, California.

As evident in her works which she generously shares on Instagram, Wattenstrom draws her inspiration from black and white films and photography. Her unique style has made her not only a sought-after artist but gained her a pass into some of the largest international tattoo conventions.

Is She Married? Her Husband (Joel Kinnaman)

Cleo Wattenstrom is happily married to Swedish-American actor Joel Kinnaman. The duo shares a number of things in common including the fact that at some point in their lives, they were both raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Kinnaman was born in the city in November 1979. The next most similar thing about the couple is that they are both avid travelers.

Kinnaman, like Wattenstrom, has been a travel lover since childhood. Some of the places he’s been to include South America, Norway, and Asia. As a couple, the duo often travels together and frequently document their traveling schedule online.


Wattenstrom was first spotted publicly with Kinnaman in August 2014, however, it is not exactly clear when they started dating. At the time when they were first spotted together, a source told US Weekly that they had been dating for some months.

In the source’s words, the relationship was “refreshing” for Joel Kinnaman. Before their relationship, Kinnaman had been dating actress  who would later move on the date NFL star .

Wattenstrom and Kinnaman tied the knot in a very private wedding and the news didn’t get out until Kinnaman shockingly revealed it in an interview in April 2016 during his appearance on The Talk. During his appearance on the show, host, Aisha Tyler told Kinnaman “your girlfriend is a tattoo artist,” referring to Cleo Wattenstrom to which Kinnaman casually replied, “my wife,” hinting that they had officially tied the knot, however, they didn’t quite walk the aisle…

Joel Kinnaman got to reveal more about their secret wedding during his appearance on The Late Late Show With . Kinnaman said he and Cleo got married in early 2016 in what he described as a “quick wedding.”

It was an unplanned event during a romantic evening out to a place called Same Day Marriage in San Vicente Boulevard. The couple was enjoying their time together when a Russian woman sitting closeby asked if they wanted to get married to which they both said yes! She wedded them in “a very sketchy looking room” for a small fee of $435.


Cleo Wattenstrom is somewhat on the tall side for a lady. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall. She measures up quite well to her husband Kinnaman who stands at about 6 feet 2.5 inches tall.

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