DJ Law Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, And Quick Facts You Need To Know

DJ Law Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, And Quick Facts You Need To Know

DJ Law is an American football player who commenced his career from his high school days but got his big break when he appeared in the documentary on Netflix, Last Chance U in 2016.

DJ Law Bio: Age

The young footballer was born November 6th, 1994 with the birth name Dacorius Law in Haines City, Florida, U.S.A. He attended Haines High and while he was there, he engaged in most football games in Haines City High. He later proceeded to East Mississippi Community College in 2014 where he continued to play on their football team. He was then selected to play officially for the fall semester but unfortunately, during spring games, he had a knee dislocation which halted his football career for a while and he diverted his attention to improving his grades in school which was posing a significant challenge.

The Last Chance  U Journey

It was his appearance in the 2016 Netflix Documentary tagged Last Chance which was literally the last chance the players in the show had to prove themselves especially as it consisted of players with academic and behavior issues. The show focused on East Mississippi Community College and it aimed to reveal the real-life and struggles football players face there, ranging from academic struggles to unstable backgrounds. The show had an academic advisor named Brittany Wagner who was saddled with the task to ensure the athletes graduate and get good grades irrespective of their demanding football career. There was also the Head Coach Buddy Stephen who had anger issues and is seen trying to control it to the best of his ability in order to have a positive impact on the players both as a coach and as a devout Christian.

It was a herculean task for the Netflix crew but they were able to relate to viewers the real story behind the lives of young players and it actually launched some athletes like DJ Law to stardom as his playing skills which were covered during their 2015 football season was aired for international viewing on July 29, 2016, endeared him to fans. However, his team did not make it to the finals that year as they were disqualified. This also brought an end to the Netflix documentary for that year but a subsequent one was started and tagged season 2.

DJ Law Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, And Quick Facts You Need To Know
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The athlete later got an offer from the University of Alabama at Birmingham to play on their football team which he accepted and continued his education there.

DJ Law’s Family

Very little details are available about this athlete’s family but his mother is said to be Veronica Purnell while his father’s name is unknown. His parents were both mentioned in controversy about Law’s intent to go to the university and for the first time, his mother Purnell had to come out publicly to give a statement about the dilemma when it was revealed that her son has two letters of intent for admission to The University of Mississippi and Utah University which was a breach of protocol in seeking admission. She confirmed she had knowledge of the letter to The University of Mississippi as she was the one who signed it alongside her son and faxed it to the school. However, Law went to his father with a second letter of intent which the pair signed and sent to Utah University. As a loving and supportive mum, she made it clear that she won’t impose her choice on her son, all she wanted was the best for him.

Quick Facts You Need To Know About DJ Law

He is still single and searching – no permanent girlfriend has been linked with him.

He is said to be a devout Christian with his family.

His distinctive facial feature is his eyes which are bright black.

His sun sign is said to be Scorpio.

He has a gallant height of about 5 ft 11 inches.

As an athlete, he is known to maintain a healthy weight of about 192 pounds.

Law is said to be active on social media platforms especially on Twitter and Instagram where he has a huge fan base.

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