Is Eminem Married To A Wife, Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Is Eminem Married To A Wife, Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Is Eminem married? We are sure that this question must have crossed your mind more than once, we hear a lot about the love lives of the stars, but his case is quite peculiar. Surely you’d agree that this gives us enough reason to dig a little information up about Eminem’s love life. So without further ado, let’s answer the question, ‘is Eminem married’.

Is Eminem Married and does he have a wife?

Eminem’s relationship status gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘it’s complicated. The star is not currently married, but he has been married twice, waiting for it, to the same person. As toxic as their relationship was, wonderful things were birthed out of it; a lovely daughter, Hailie, and according to Uproxx, some of the most stomach-churningly violent music ever to capture the imagination of American listeners.

Is Eminem Married To A Wife, Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

So who is this lady that Eminem married? Her name is Kimberly Anne Scott and her relationship with the rapper spanned over a period of 20 years starting in 1987 when Kim was just 13 and Eminem was 15. Apparently, it was love at first sight, and that same year she moved in with the rapper after running away from home.

It was all fun and games until 1995, when Kim discovered she was pregnant, in a bid to provide for his child Eminem doubled down on work. Nevertheless, Hailie was born on Christmas day that same year and her arrival put a strain on their relationship. This led to ‘split up number one’.

His frustration and pent-up anger birthed his alter ego, Slim Shady, and believe us when we say that the difference was glaring. Where Marshall Mathers was a struggle rapper taking it on the chin and barely making ends meet by working in a restaurant, Slim Shady was a homicidal maniac who expressed his rage via rape, murder, and arson.

Against all odds, the couple was married in 1999 but after a series of self-destructive events, they divorced in 2001. You would think that all the drama in their previous marriage would put the pair off each other, Eminem even told Rolling Stone in 2002 that he, and we quote ‘would rather have a baby through my penis than get married again.

Well, that was not the case as they remarried in January 2006 but by April that year, it was over for good. The one connection they share these days is their daughter, Hailie, but we won’t be surprised if they got back together, stranger things have happened. So, is Eminem married? It’s pretty obvious that he’s not.

Does Eminem Have a Girlfriend?

Now that we know the rapper’s marital status, the next order of business is to find out if he’s currently hooking up with anyone. Well, there’s no news out there on a current girlfriend, but here are a few ladies that have been in the star’s life.

He has been linked with a number of women in the past and some of them might come to you as a surprise, without further ado, let’s meet them all. Sometime in 2000, the star was allegedly dating the former Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls, Geri Halliwell. The two were spotted together at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles.

Back in 2001, there was a rumor going around that the rapper was dating Beyonce, people went as far as to say it was a serious case of Jennifer Lopez’s “Bad Boy” syndrome.

If there was any atom of truth in that it passed away really quick and now Queen Bee rules with her King, Jay Z. Meanwhile, in 2002, he was rumored to have been dating Brittany Murphy sometime before the actress passed away. She starred alongside Eminem in the hit movie, 8 Mile and it was speculated they dated for a brief period after that.

Is Eminem Married To A Wife, Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Also, Tracy McNews had been rumored to be dating Eminem since 2008 but the rapper’s rep said she was just part of his management team. We saved the best for the last, one of his most controversial alleged hookups, was his ‘relationship’ with Mariah Carey.

She is probably the highest-profile celeb linked to the rapper and their battle was loud and messy. Mariah denied ever being involved with Eminem and that infuriated the rapper the more. Not only did he bash her, but her estranged husband, Nick Cannon, was caught in the crossfire.

Despite all the drama, it’s pretty clear that everyone knows that Eminem and Mariah Carey once were in a relationship.

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