Erika Kaar – Biography, Career Profile, Facts About The Actress

Not everyone was born a star, some had to work their way up the ladder to reach certain heights and that is the case of Erika Kaar, a Polish actress who has been on the screens since 2014. She is one of those upcoming actresses that we would have to watch out for. She has not gained worldwide popularity yet, but she’s definitely on the right path to it.

Erika came into the movie industry through the role she played in the BBC show titled, Passing Bells. In this television series, Erika acted the role of a nurse. She has had a few other appearances in both television series and movies and for her good work and dedication, she has been able to attract some Polish directors and producers attention, hence, the lead role in the 2015 series, Aż po sufit!

The trailblazing Polish actress is also a model with a Master’s degree in Economics. Looking at all this, we think it is safe to say that she is a very successful person. As a hardworking and versatile actress, she delved into Bollywood in 2016. Her Bollywood debut was titled Shivaay. It is an action thriller filled with intriguing scenes and suspense-filled action. The movie was directed by Indian famous, Ajay Devgn. Now, let us look at the life of this actress.

Erika Kaar’s Biography 

Erika Kaar is a Polish actress born on October 3rd, 1988 as Erika Karkuszewska. She was born in a Polish town called Warsaw. Poland is a country located in central Europe and is known for its large land mass. Warsaw, where Erika was born, is located east-central of the country. Erika was born in an era of increased viewership of television and technological development.

Her parents are not known to the public and we also do not know who raised Erika or where she grew up, but it is believed that she was raised in Poland. It is not known if she grew up with siblings or if she has any. There are no records of her family available on the internet. From this, one could deduce that Erika loves to keep her private life all to herself.

As regarding her education, the only information about her education is that of her tertiary studies. Erika Kaar attended the Warsaw School of Economics where she obtained her degrees. However, it is not known the years she attended or graduated from the aforementioned institution or what her first degree was, however, her Master’s degree programme was in Economics.

Career Profile

It is also not known at the moment if she began practicing as an economist before delving into acting or modeling and so much is not known about her modeling career such as what agency she is signed under or what brands she has modeled for. However, we believe that she will make an amazing model with her body features and confidence.

Acting is definitely not an all-comers affair and it takes talent, practice, and dedication to master. Erika made her debut acting performance in the BBC television series Passing Bells which aired just one season in 2014. Its plot was centered on the harm brought to the world by World War I and in the series, Erika played the role of a nurse.

Same year, Erika was featured in an episode of the series, Blondynka. In this movie, she played a minor role as a barber. In 2015, the actress had her break when she bagged the lead role in the Polish series titled, Aż po sufit!. She made her debut appearance on the movie screen in the Bollywood movie Shivaay (2016) where she played the lead role as Olga. Since Shivaay, she has featured in two other productions with her most recent appearance being in the 2017 movie titled American Gods. We do hope to see more of the gorgeous and dexterous actress soon.

Other Facts About The Actress


The big question has been, is Erika Kaar married? Well, the answer to that question is that Erika is not married yet, however, she is in a relationship. She is currently dating Maciej Bielski, who is also an actor and is known for his role in 2016, Bollywood movie Shivaay which Erika also featured in.

Social Media Presence

The importance of social media presence in this time and age cannot be overemphasized. Many have gained huge popularity just be owning a social media account and being consistent in providing contents. However, Erika seems to be among the 2% of people who do not care to have a social media account. There is no information on her having any social media accounts.

Net Worth

Details of Erika Kaar’s salary and net worth is not available to the public. It is also not known where she lives or the assets she owns. However, it is believed that she is comfortable and is not in any form of debt or bankrupt.

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