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While female tennis has certainly been a part of the sport for decades, with several notable names in the sport’s history, there is no doubt that the sport has seen increased popularity among modern day sport lovers and even non-sport lovers due to the on and off court exploits of some of the sport’s biggest names such as and . This reality has increased the spotlight on lesser-known stars like Eugenie Bouchard, who despite not sharing the record of the above-mentioned stars, has had a couple of Grand Slam appearances to her name and a few awards, including the WTA Newcomer of the Year award. Who is Eugenie Bouchard, the Canadian tennis player? Learn about her and her career below.

Eugenie Bouchard – Biography

Born Eugenie Bouchard but more affectionately referred to as Genie, Eugenie has been a tennis player pretty much all her life. Ever since she was five, Eugenie has been wielding a racket, returning serves with a combination of fierceness and grace that has defined her career so far. The Canadian tennis star is one of a pair of twins born to an investment banker, Michel Bouchard, and Julie Leclair in Montreal on February 25, 1994. Her twin sister, Beatrice was born six minutes earlier than her.

Although she once desired a career as a doctor, as part of a young academic life where she was extremely good mathematics and science student, Eugenie stuck to the racket she had been carrying since the age of five when she joined the Tennis Canada National Training Centre. While she was in Canada, she attended a school in Westmount named The Study. Florida came calling for Eugenie at the age of 12 when she moved to the Sunshine State to learn at the feet of the legendary tennis coach, Nick Saviano. With her father’s support, through a company named Tennis Mania, Eugenie’s young career blossomed.

After three years learning under Nick Saviano, she returned to Montreal and subsequently competed in her first professional competition as a junior tennis player, in the ITF Circuit, Open Super 12 in France. She later announced herself to the tennis world by winning both the ITF singles and doubles titles in Costa Rica and the singles title in Canada in 2008. The first five years of her career saw her rack up several titles in the ITF Circuit, giving her the needed motivation to pursue a career as a senior player.

In the 2010s, things got more interesting for her career, with a mixture of successes and failures plaguing her career. Her first appearance at the Australian Open as a junior player in 2011, she crashed out of the competition in the semifinals. At Wimbledon, the story was similar for Eugenie who crashed out of the biggest competitions but enjoyed success as lower rated competitions like the Burnie International and Zheng Saisai where she won titles. Wimbledon in 2011 wasn’t a complete failure for Eugenie Bouchard as she won the junior doubles event at the major competition.

2012 proved to be an interesting year for Bouchard’s career as she won the junior Wimbledon title after defeating Elina Svitolina. The win wrote her name in Canadian record books as she became the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title in any category. She would go on to top that with another doubles victory. Outside of Wimbledon however, she maintained the not-so-pleasing trend of crashing out of major competitions and winning titles at lesser known ones.

Since 2012, she has made several major accomplishments in major competitions, including reaching the Wimbledon final in 2014 and semifinals of the Australian and French Open. In 2014, she reached her highest professional ranking yet, reaching no 5 in global rankings.

Net Worth

Eugenie, despite not being the biggest name in tennis has been able to rack up over $6 million in prize money earnings since she began her professional career. She also had sponsorship contracts with Nike, Coca-Cola, Babolat, Aviva Canada, and a couple others. With all of this, she has been able to build a total net worth of $3.3 million.


Eugenie Bouchard’s relationship status is somewhat unclear. Despite being one of the sexiest women in sports, particularly tennis, Eugenie so far seems to be single. She was however in a relationship with the ice-hockey player, Jordan Caron in 2017.

Height, Weight

As a tennis player, keeping fit is not only a healthy choice but a work necessity. Eugenie’s extremely fit body stands at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches with a body weight of 63 kg. The Canadian tennis player has blonde hair and blue eyes as some of her notable body features.

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