Eve Chilton Weinstein would probably keep hearing the name Harvey Weinstein for the rest of her life for obvious reasons. But that would most definitely not stop her from moving on with her life or going about her business. For those not in the know, Eve is the ex-wife of American film producer Harvey Weinstein who was caught up in a massive sexual assault case in 2017.

It was indeed massive as over 80 women came out to accuse the filmmaker of either rape, sexual abuse or sexual assault. The infamous case had led to Weinstein’s dismissal from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as well as other penalties. It was a critical period for all associated with him. Before delving into the Weinstein case let us find out more about his first wife Eve Chilton who unlike her husband is miles away from the public eye.

Eve Chilton Weinstein’s Bio

She was born on September 1, 1955, in Boston to her parents, Tom Chilton, her father and Maude Chilton her mother. Information about her family background reveals that she was born into an affluent family. Eve Chilton Weinstein is a blueblood who was born into a rich family of New England. Her mother had blood ties with the first attorney general of the United States, Edmund Randolph, who is said to be her great grandfather.

Edmund Randolph alongside a few others founded Hunton and Williams, the first global law firm in the US in 1901. Coming from a rich family, Eve would spend her summers at the notable Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts with her family. Her family members belonged to various affluent clubs including The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. Chilton’s father worked as an investment consultant. His clients were mostly from the Boston area, the Nantucket and the Vineyard as well.

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Apart from this info, not much is known about her family as Chilton shields the media away from her life.

Eve Chilton Weinstein once worked under her ex-husband Harvey. As a matter of fact, it was during her time as Harvey’s Assistant at Miramax that they both got romantically involved. Harvey at the time had not gained prominence as a filmmaker neither had he stepped into the limelight. The two began dating in 1986. Reports had it that Eve Harvey was the more popular face in the relationship with regards to her rich family background.

Personal Life – Relationships, Kids

Eve and Harvey got married in 1987. Afterward, Harvey’s career started to boom and he gradually grew more prominent in the industry. The couple had three daughters; their first daughter Remy was born in 1995 and their second Emma came in 1998. In 2002 they welcomed their third daughter Ruth.

However, two years after the birth of their last daughter, Eve and Harvey split, after almost twenty years of marriage. It was an amicable divorce that saw Eve Chilton Weinstein receive their gigantic Central Park apartment. Since the divorce, she has shielded her life away from the media.

Chilton got married again in 2004 to Sal Martirano, but the couple later split up. They had no kids together. She resides in New York with her three daughters.

Other Facts About Harvey Weinstein’s Ex-wife

Net Worth

Considering the fact that she does not like to be on the spotlight, it cannot be said with certainty what the financial status of Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife really is. From her divorce with the filmmaker, Chilton got their 5,500 square-foot apartment at 88 Central Park West, as mentioned earlier. She later sold this apartment for a whopping $23 million. This, of course, elevated her financial status but we do not have the exact figures.

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Divorce Settlement with Harvey Weinstein

Reports also had it that Eve Chilton Weinstein got a $60 million divorce settlement from Harvey Weinstein. The agreement included a $50,000 per annum payment, for vacations. But in the wake of the sexual assault charges in 2017, Chilton crawled out from her secluded zone to demand extra $5 million.

According to her, the money was an outstanding he ought to pay in child support. Chilton’s concern about the child support money grew following the financially demanding sexual assault charges. She said that the money which would also cover the children’s annual Christmas vacation should be paid before he runs dry from paying millions of dollars to lawyers to save his name.