Genesis Mia Lopez – Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements of The Model

Genesis Mia Lopez – Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements of The Model

The stunning and curvy Genesis Mia Lopez is an American fitness model who became popular for her amazing and very appealing physique. She garnered a lot of attention on social media because of her fine body structure. A huge number of people now follow her on different social media platforms to have a glimpse of her amazing body features and beauty. She is indeed a beauty and a sight to behold.

The fitness goddess has featured as a model for a lot of brands, and adult sites. She is one of the most sought-after models on social media and there is much more to learn about her. From her age to details of her body measurements and other facts of her life, get answers to questions often asked about Genesis below.

Genesis Mia Lopez’s Bio (Age)

The stunning fitness model was born Genesis Mia Lopez on the 15th day of July 1993 in Florida’s City of Miami. She is American by nationality and belongs to the white ethnic group, but there are reports suggesting she has both Brazilian and Japanese origins.

Her family background including the name of her parents and siblings is not yet known as she hasn’t revealed their identity to the media. Educationally, she was enrolled in a private high school in the city of Miami. Following her high school graduation, she gained admission into Florida State University

While growing up as a little child, Genesis Mia Lopez started nursing her love and passion for modeling, admiring models, and dreaming of becoming one someday in the future. Well, she did follow her dream and aspiration of being a model, and today she’s like no other in the business.

She would never forget the year 2016. This is because it was the year she started having a taste of the career she so much loved even as a little girl. She shook and took the social media world by surprise, flooding it with her amazing pictures. She got herself an Instagram account and started to upload pictures and videos of herself. The pictures often highlight her curvy body shape and alluring figure. It wasn’t long before a huge number of people began to troop to her account to get more pictures of hers. The account attracted over two million followers in an instant, although it was stopped after some time.

That didn’t stop Genesis Mia Lopez. She started another account and carried on with her uploads. Her striking figure became a topic of discussion for her fans but it wasn’t just all about posing for pictures and uploading them for Genesis; she also offered professional fitness advice to her fans. The new account has massive followership of over 4 million fans as of this writing.

Her popularity on the internet attracted a lot of sponsorship from a good number of fitness and modeling companies. Furthermore, she was featured in different fitness magazines within the US. She has been to different cities in the country, taking photographs in pursuit of her modeling career.

Her day-to-day fitness training routines include 20 minutes of warm-up, weight-lifting, dancing, rope jumping, and running. She does this to stabilize the rate of blood flow in her muscles to stop any form of injury in the course of weight-lifting.

As a fitness model, she exercises daily and regularly to keep and maintain her perfect shape and healthy condition. She is also very particular about what goes into her system, making sure that her diet is healthy. Genesis Mia Lopez stays away from meals that contain processed sugar and flour. She rather consumes fresh vegetables, fish, less fat, and protein.

Body Measurements (Height)

Genesis’s killer body and striking features stand her out as a model. She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and it fits her body structure so well as she maintains a body weight of 62 kg. Genesis Mia Lopez’s body measurement is 32-24-34 inches and it is said that she wears a size 31B bra.

Her well-toned beautiful skin and body are highlighted by her brown eyes and brown hair. Without a doubt, it gives her a magnificent look.