Gus Birney – Bio, Age, Facts You Need To Know About The Actress

Gus Birney – Bio, Age, Facts You Need To Know About The Actress

The actress may still be in the early days of her career, but Gus Birney is already making serious moves and proving herself as a mainstay in the industry. She’s been on the screen since she was 13 years old and her rapidly burgeoning fan base has watched her grow into a quality, versatile actress.

Birney is known mostly for her roles in movies and television series like The Mist, Darcy, and Here and Now. Although her portfolio isn’t yet nearly as large as some of her contemporaries, she has done enough to prove she is ready to take on any role as long as it brings out her best acting qualifies.

Gus Birney Bio, Age

Gus Birney was born Augustina Birney on July 27, 1999. She was born to her parents, Constance Shulman and Reed Burney. The actress started like most others did, appearing in television commercials, albeit relatively late.

She eventually got her first on-screen gig by the time she was 13 years old. This was her role as Victoria on the short film Bloody Mary in 2012 even though it didn’t spark immediate growth in her career. The actress didn’t get any other roles and had to wait until 2015 when she made a guest appearance on an episode of Chicago Med as a character named Ashley Cole.

Two years later, she bagged her most popular television role yet. She played a recurring character, Alex Cunningham on the TV series, The Mist. She fulfilled her role for 10 episodes on the series.

Next was another guest role on Law & Order Special Victims Unit (2017) before she played her first major film role in the movie Darcy in the same year where she played the lead character.

The following year was the busiest year of her career yet. Gus Birney was involved in five projects, inclusive of television and movie roles. She was Nicki in an episode of Instinct and Penny Spiro in an episode of Bull. She was also Lucie in the drama Here and Now; Brandy in Whiteboy; and Devin in Swallow Grass Snakes.

Gus Birney – Bio, Age, Facts You Need To Know About The Actress
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In 2019, she played Suzie Duvall in The Man in the Woods. She also joined the cast of the TV comedy series Dickinson, where she plays Jane Humphreys. Her career so far has seen her work with some big names like Sarah Jessica Parker, Hailee Steinfeld, Renee Zellweger, David Thornton, and Alyssa Sutherland among others.

Facts You Need To Know About The Actress

1. Gus Burney was born into a show business family

One look at her immediate family tree and you won’t need to ask where she got her acting talent from. Gus’ family is steeped in entertainment and show business.

Her father Reed Birney is a stage actor. He has appeared on many Broadway productions and has the recognition to show for it, including a Tony Award. Her mother, Shulman, portrayed the character Yoga Jones in the popular series, Orange is the New Black. She has also won her share of awards, including a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Through her parents, Gus also has an older brother, Ephraim Birney, who is an actor. His most popular role was as Zeb on an episode of Gotham in 2014.

2. She has also participated in stage plays

Like her father, Gus Birney is also fascinated by the raw beauty and authenticity of stage acting. Gus has been on a few stage plays herself. In 2016, she alongside stage actress, Marisa Tomei, was part of the play Connected and the Rose Tattoo.

Apparently, the actress has both her mother’s on-screen prowess and her father’s stage presence. She is the complete package.

3. Gus Birney is a control freak

This is not meant in a negative sense by any stretch. Birney is very intentional with her career; the movies she selects, the characters she plays, and so on. She is not one for letting the industry control her image and brand.

But beyond that, she understands that the life of an actor is never completely in their control as there are many factors that can upend their living situation. So while she would prefer to control everything, she is ready for reasonable compromise and committed to her decision to pursue acting.

4. Her parents didn’t wish her to go into acting

Gus Birney’s parents are accomplished names in the entertainment industry. However, they have admitted that they wished she had chosen another career. They wanted to save her the stress and difficulties that come with the life of an actor.

Unsurprisingly though, after growing up in a show business household, the Darcy actress couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else. It may not have been her parent’s choice for her, but they are fully supportive of her decision and career.

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