Hanna Prater – Everything About Sebastian Vettel’s Partner

Hanna Prater – Everything About Sebastian Vettel’s Partner

Formula One drivers are known for their love for glamorous lifestyles and media coverage. This explains why most of them crave the limelight and often flaunt their assets for the public to see. But in the case of Sebastian Vettel, the partner of Hanna Prater, it is entirely a different ball game. Not only that the car racer and his partner lead a private life in real life, but they also are not the kind of people you see on social media always.

Hanna and her sweetheart have been together for some years even though they are yet to officially seal their love for each other in the presence of close friends and family. The paragraphs below contain everything you need to know about her.

Hanna Prater Biography

Hanna Prater was born in Heppenheim, Germany, in the year 1987. The exact month and date she was born are not known, however, we can confirm that she was raised in Germany. According to records, Prater’s father is German and her mother is British.

Hanna attended Heppenheim Middle School, where she met the Formula One driver, Sebastian Vettel. She is believed to have graduated with good grades from the university she spent her college years. Although the particular year she was admitted into the university and the year she completed her studies is not a matter of public knowledge, we learned that she studied industrial design, which is something she has always loved from childhood. Prater is also said to have majored in textile design at the Baden Wurttemberg Fashion School.

Everything About Sebastian Vettel’s Partner

1. She Is Reportedly Working On Her Own Line of Accessories

Although Hanna Prater is yet to confirm the report herself, rumor has it that the German mother of two is drawing up plans to establish her personal line of accessories. Previously, she worked at S. Oliver Fashion House, after which she took a break to start up a family with her partner.

2. She Is A Bilinguist

Hanna Prater speaks German and English languages fluently. Of course, you already that she was born into a family with a multi-racial background. Prater supposedly picked up the English language from her mother and German from her father. However, it is not known if her parents are bilinguists respectively.

3. Hanna Doesn’t Always Attend Sebastian’s Races

If you’ve been keeping up with the racing community, you would agree that most Formula One drivers love walking towards their garage with their partners. However, Sebastian Vettel is one driver who doesn’t really fancy the idea; you rarely see him together with Hanna Prater.

When asked why she hardly attends Sebastian’s races, Prater answered that she considers the racing arena as his office and that she doesn’t like going there to distract him.

4. Relationship With The Formula One Driver

Sebastian and Hanna Prater began dating in high school. After graduating, they continued seeing each other until the time Vettel relocated to Switzerland to pursue his racing career. Although distance kept them apart for many years, their love for each other didn’t grow weary. Their relationship moved to a new level in the year 2010 when the Scuderia Ferrari driver acquired a home in Thurgau, Switzerland.

Hanna Prater – Everything About Sebastian Vettel’s Partner
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Following the development, Prater relocated to their home. Since then, they have been living happily together in their medieval-style farmhouse.

5. Hanna Prater And Vettel Have Two Kids Together

The German racing driver and his partner are raising two lovely daughters together. Their oldest child, a daughter named Emilie Vettel, was born on 12th January 2014 while their second child was born in the year 2015. Her name is Mathilda.

Being that Emilie and Mathilda’s parents keep a low profile on their marriage, not much is really known about them or what they are up to. Nonetheless, going by their age, it is believed they are in school focusing on their studies.

6. Social Media Presence

Prater and her partner are not social media buffs. While the racing driver doesn’t have an account on any of the social media platforms, Hanna is active online but she rarely posts content on her page.

7. Prater Is An Avid Football Lover

Sebastian Vettel’s partner loves football as much as she loves car racing. She is a die-hard of the Spanish professional football club, FC Barcelona and she doesn’t shy away from showing her love for the La Liga side.

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