Ilyne Nash – Bio, Family & Facts About Dez Bryant’s Partner

Ilyne Nash is only popular for being the girlfriend and partner of famous American footballer, . She is one of Bryant’s baby mamas and presently, she has two kids for the American football wide receiver. Although she is a college degree holder, there is no information with regards to any career path she might be pursuing at the moment.

The mother of two has been with her footballer boyfriend, Dez, for a very long time, even though, it is not certain when they began their love affair. She has been nothing short of a devoted mother who cares for her children a lot, as well as a supportive partner as she is often spotted with Dez Jr. at her boyfriend’s games.

Dez, whose real name is Desmond Bryant, is a renowned footballer, who currently has a net worth of $70 million. He has been a footballer right from his high school days. In college, he played for Oklahoma State college team and he was so good at his forte that he quickly got drafted by Dallas Cowboys in 2010. The Cowboys never regretted that move as Dez soon became a valued asset on their team as was expected. Aside from his love for football, Dez also has a great love for his family as he has been a very supportive father and boyfriend.

Ilyne Nash’s Bio

Ilyne Nash was born Ilyne Racquel Nash in 1986, although the month and day are not known. She is the daughter of Christian devouts who go by the names Roosevelt Nash Jr. and Kyong Nash. She was born in Killeen, Texas and it is not known if she has any siblings. For her education, records show that she attended the Shoemaker High School and later went to the University of Texas. She graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology.

To show his love and support, Dez came to her convocation with their first son, Dez Jr. The couple took pictures together and uploaded it on their individual Instagram pages. Despite being a graduate, there are no records of Nash having a job or practicing her profession.


Ilyne Nash found love with the American footballer and wide receiver, Dez Bryant (who is currently out of contract with the New Orleans Saints and is a free agent). He was born on November 4, 1988, in Galveston County, Texas. His father is not known but his mother is Angela Bryant who gave birth to him when she was 15 years old. He had a rough upbringing as his mother battled with drugs and was arrested several times. From his birthplace, he moved to Lufkin and while there, he attended the Lufkin High School where he played for his school’s football team.

After high school, Dez went ahead to college. He studied at Oklahoma State University from 2007 to 2009. He played for the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team where he was coached by Mike Gund; and like it was in high school, his talents shone through and he won the All American honors. Soon after he got out of college, he was selected by the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).

It is not certain where and when Dez met Ilyne, but records have it that they have been involved with each other for a very long time. Probably, they were high school sweethearts who kept their love burning through college and afterwards. They had their first child named Dez Jr. on 25th June 2010. A second child followed – this time, a daughter who goes by the name Isabella Rose. She joined the family on 5th December 2015.


Other Facts About Dez Bryant’s Partner

The fact that Ilyne currently has no known occupation or career pursuits makes it hard to determine her net worth. The only probable source of income could be from her boyfriend Dez Bryant. There is no information about her salary, monthly or annually.

As far as the information we have goes, Ilyne is a Christian. She was born into the family of devout and pious . This sort of belief is popular among the African-American community.

Dez Bryant has a remarkable height that towers above six feet, but the same can’t be said about his baby mama, Ilyne Nash. She has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and she can be considered slim as she weighs 58 kg.

  • She shares her baby daddy with another woman

Ilyne Nash shares her boyfriend with another woman, who goes by the name, Briana Hooks. Briana and Dez have a male child named Zayne who is believed to be approaching his teens. As for confrontations between the women, no such information has surfaced.

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