Jennifer Lopez Husbands and Boyfriends: Who Are They?

Jennifer Lopez Husbands and Boyfriends: Who Are They?

It is not unusual for people to have more than one partner, consecutively, in fact, if a survey was taken, we would discover that majority of the people out there have dated more than one person in their lifetime. Well in the case of Ms. Jennifer Lopez (tons of stress on the ‘Ms’), she has had more than a handful, so today it’s all about Jennifer Lopez’s husbands and her boyfriends.

When we said a handful, we meant 8… and still counting, we are kidding about the counting part (or are we?). Nevertheless, the star has been linked to quite a number of men. So let’s begin with those who made it on the list of Jennifer Lopez husbands.

Jennifer Lopez’s Husbands

The third time is a charm, right? Well in the case of Jennifer Lopez, she may have to change it to, the fourth time is a charm, as her three marriages have all gone down the drain; without further ado, let us check them out.

Jennifer Lopez Husbands; Ojani Noa

Ojani Noa is husband number one and perhaps the most problematic of the star’s partners. J.Lo met The Cuban waiter in 1996 when she was filming Blood And Wine, they must have hit it off real quick because they were married in February the next year. We do love a happy ending, but their whirlwind romance did not have one.

Jennifer Lopez Husbands and Boyfriends: Who Are They?

Barely a year later, in January 1998, the relationship crashed and burnt. No one really knows what happened back then, but it seems like the story will soon be out in the open. After their split, Noa tried to make some fast cash by using photos and 11 hours of video footage to make a film about their life together.

But Jenny was on it, she filed a $10 million lawsuit to stop him, although that was not the end of it. He found a loophole, though he is not allowed to say anything about his relationship with J.Lo, his business partner is under no such obligation.

As such he handed over all the information to his business partner and it is being put in a ‘tell-it-all’ book that is already piquing everyone’s interest. We will be watching to see how she gets out of this fix.

Jennifer Lopez Husbands; Cris Judd

Husband number 2 was one of J.Lo’s backup dancers in her ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ video. She had just come out of a relationship but was not reluctant to move on with the handsome dancer.

Jennifer Lopez Husbands and Boyfriends: Who Are They?

This was more of a whirlwind romance than the others because she just broke up with P Diddy in February 2011, and by September 2011, she exchanged vows with the dancer. Their marriage did not last up to a year as they split up in June 2012.

Jennifer Lopez Husbands; Marc Anthony

When Jennifer and Marc got married in 2004, it was like Latin royalty had united. Everyone was quite delighted when they passed the one-year mark and 4 years later when they had their twins, Max and Emme. This was no recipe for a happily ever after though, as the marriage crashed and burnt 7 years later.

Jennifer Lopez Husbands and Boyfriends: Who Are They?

Despite it all, the couple is still very friendly and are still good parents to their kids. More recently, in October 2016, the ex-couple teamed up for a free pro-Hilary concert in Miami, we bet some Trump supporters went out to see that reunion.

Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriends

Yes, people, there are still more names on the Jennifer Lopez relationship list, so let’s get right to it; the star’s longest relationship was actually with her high school sweetheart, evidently, puppy love got real. Jenny was just 15 years old when she started dating David Cruz, in 1984.

She had not risen to stardom back then and she was a backup dancer, herself. By 1994, the relationship had run its 10-year course. She obviously still has quite fond memories of him because in 2004 she said, ‘ He’s a friend and he probably knows me better than anyone else.’

Soon after the breakup, in 1995, J.Lo briefly dated her Money Train co-star, Wesley Snipes. One of her more public relationships was the one she had with Sean Combs, AKA P Diddy. She met him while working on her album, On The 6, but the two did not come public with their relationship till September 1999.

What might have contributed to the end of their relationship was a shooting outside of a Times Square nightclub, the two were both arrested, but released within the hour. Soon after in February 2001, they called it quits.

Here comes another whirlwind romance, in 2002, Jennifer became involved with Ben Affleck and thus Bennifer was born. By November that same year, the two were engaged but sadly Ben did not make it on to the list of Jennifer Lopez husbands as their wedding was called off just hours before it was planned to begin.

Soon after in January 2003, Bennifer was laid to rest. More recently, in November 2012, the star began dating another dancer, Casper Smart. This was some major cougar action and there were dozens of speculations that the couple would not last.

Jennifer Lopez Husbands and Boyfriends: Who Are They?

They proved a lot of people wrong but narrowly missed the three-year mark as their relationship came to an end in 2014. That is all we have got on her love life for now, but we all know the star is ever hopeful.

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