Kanye West Quotes, Tattoos and Teeth

Kanye West Quotes, Tattoos and Teeth

Everyone at par with the current news in the entertainment industry definitely knows who Kanye West is. This is because of the rapper’s talent, entrepreneurial success as well as outspoken nature. Another thing the producer-cum-rapper is well-known for is his love for fashion and this passion has landed him in the fashion industry making him one of the best male fashion designers in the United States.

Just like other successful celebrities, Kanye West is looked upon as a role model to upcoming artists and other professionals in the entertainment industry. Therefore anything he says is considered by many as motivational, inspirational or even revealing to their true feelings. Celebrities also use tattoos to show their affiliations, important interests, attribution as well as their belief systems. In this post, we are going to share with you some of the most common Kanye West quotes and tattoos and later discuss some interesting facts about his teeth.

Kanye West’s Most Interesting Quotes

According to many people, West’s quotes are usually brainy, meaningful, and very helpful to people reading them. We had a chance to sample a variety of these quotes and shortlisted the ones we felt are jaw-dropping and helpful. Below are the top-rated quotes by the rapper:

“If you get the opportunity to play this particular game of life then you should appreciate every moment of it. This is because a lot of people seem not to appreciate the moment until it is passed.”

“I will say things that are serious and put them in the form of a joke for people to enjoy them. We laugh to keep ourselves from crying.”

“I strive to liberate minds with my music. I believe that is more important than liberating just a few people from apartheid or whatever.”

“Would you really believe in what you already believed in if you were the only one who had the chance to believe it?”

Kanye West Quotes, Tattoos and Teeth
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“People usually say it is impossible to please everybody. I believe that is a cop-out. Why should you not attempt it? Take time and think of all those people you will please if you try.”

“I refuse to accept other people’s ideas of happiness for me. As if there’s a ‘one size fits all standard for happiness.”

“Black people can be the most conservative and the most discriminating, especially among ourselves. It was not the white people who said all black men should wear baggy jeans.”

“I am God’s vessel. However, my greatest tragedy in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.

“Nothing else in life is promised except for death.”

“George Bush does not care about the black people.”

“I hate the way they portray black persons in the media. If you see a black family it says they are looting, if you see a white family doing the very same thing it says they are looking for food.”

Kanye West Tattoos: How Many Tattoos Does Kanye West Have?

The rapper was a mystery and an enigma but after marrying the beautiful Kim Kardashian, the world now has the rare opportunity to appreciate his human side. Celebrities are known for having tens of tattoos on their bodies each representing something that is not immediately clear. The question is how many tattoos Yeezy has on his body. Well, it is impossible to know for sure unless there was a way of getting the information from his wife Kim.

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Nevertheless, we can confidently say that inking is the only part of the rapper’s life where he shows some level of restraint. From the little information available, the musician has only five tattoos on his body. He recently inked two tattoos in honor of his late mother Donda and his daughter, North. The tattoos are present mostly on his arms and include a list of his important songs, a large dragon, and a huge portrait of a Madonna and a Medieval child.

What about Kanye’s Teeth

Kanye West Quotes, Tattoos and Teeth
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Kanye West appears to have some of the best teeth. For celebrities, it is difficult to know for sure whether the teeth are actually natural or synthetic. In 2010, the rapper showed the public while at a chat show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres on October 19, his sparkling diamond and gold implants. In his own words, the fashion designer said he thought diamonds were just cool. He told his dentist to remove his lower teeth and replace them with diamonds and gold.

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