Kim Gravel – Bio, Husband, Net Worth And Family Life

Kim Gravel – Bio, Husband, Net Worth And Family Life

Kim Gravel is a household name in the beauty pageantry industry. Nicknamed “Kim of Queens”, she has tutored several girls on how to win beauty contests and also holds the record as one the youngest contestants to have won Georgia’s beauty pageants in history.

In addition, she is a businesswoman, a leader, a public speaker, and a prominent television show host. She is easily recognized for her show Kim of Queens, which basically focuses on her, her sister, and her mother. Gravel equally has a website where she educates her fans on issues revolving around health, fashion, and many more.

Kim Gravel – Bio

Kim Gravel became a full-fledged member of the Gravel family on the 27th day of July 1971 in South Carolina, in the United States, where her parents (Brooks Hardee and Jo Hardee) gave birth to her. The beauty pageant coach was raised along with her younger sister called Allisyn Varalla in the city of Georgia.

Kim’s parents, who currently live in Atlanta, Georgia, tied the knot on 5th August 1966. Jo is originally from Loris, South Carolina. A graduate of Loris High School, she formerly worked at The Pageant Place as a pageant instructor.

Completing one’s basic education is some sort of basic process most people living in the modern world take time to do and we are certain Gravel also did the same even though information about the schools she attended and the year she passed is not a matter of public knowledge. Apparently, what matters most now is that her impact and contributions towards the advancement of the pageant industry.

Kim, right from a young age, has always had a great interest in singing. In her budding years, she joined forces with a recording group called Beloved. She was their songwriter and lead singer until the time she left the team.

1991 was a defining year for the television reality star. Remarkably, it was the period that announced Kim Gravel to her generation after she participated and emerged the winner of the Miss Georgia Beauty Pageant at the age of 19, a great feat that has never been achieved by anyone in history of the State.

This major win opened up other opportunities for Kim to explore the industry, one of which is the ticket to become a U.S Goodwill Ambassador to Japan and also contest on behalf of Georgia at the Miss America pageant.

Since she retired from contesting for crowns in the pageant industry, Kim has committed to raising young women with a keen interest in pageantry. Her meetings with them are usually presented on her television show, Kim of Queens. 

Apart from her show, the public speaker has also graced several other platforms on television. She is a regular face on Steve Harvey’s shows, where she serves as one of the panelists.

Husband and Family Life

While it is true that long-lasting relationships and Hollywood don’t mix, in the case of Kim Gravel, the reverse is the case. For over a decade and counting, the television personality has been moving strong with her sweetheart, Travis Gravel.

Kim Gravel – Bio, Husband, Net Worth And Family Life
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The pair exchanged their marital vows in the presence of their close friends, and families on 25th August 2001, and their marriage has been blessed with two lovely children; sons Beau Gravel (born 2010) and Blanton Gravel (born 2012).

Throwing more light on her family life, everything appears to be well for the American pageant coach as her marriage has never made headlines for wrong reasons on tabloids.

Not much is known about Travis, however, he is said to have done some modeling stints while growing up. He lives in metro Atlanta with his wonderful family.

Net Worth

Kim Gravel is popularly known for being straightforward and plain-spoken. She is someone who didn’t beat around the bush when she wants to rebuke someone or express herself. This trait, in no small measure, has won her massive following and admiration.

As an entrepreneur, the South Carolina native has been making waves in the beauty industry. She is the owner of the Belle by Kim Gravel brand, which is apparel (jeans, sweaters, T-shirts, leather jackets, blouses) and cosmetic line she launched in the month of August 2016.

Gravel also sees to the smooth administration and operation of the beauty coaching section The Pageant Place, where she trains her clients with the help of Amy Goins (a vocal trainer), her younger sister, and mother. The facility is situated in Georgia.

As a multi-hyphenate, Kim Gravis certainly makes an enviable income from her mixed career. Sadly, she is yet to disclose the value of her assets as well as how much she earns per year.

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