Kimber Eastwood Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Husband, Kids, Family 

Kimber Eastwood Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Husband, Kids, Family 

Kimber Eastwood is a well-known producer, makeup artist, and the daughter of the popular actor Clint Eastwood. Though she had been listed as Clint Eastwood’s daughter from childbirth, her existence was hardly known by the public until her early 20s, this is mostly attributed to the fact that the Eastwood family is somewhat dysfunctional. Too many step-siblings.

Kimber Eastwood Bio

Kimber Lynn Eastwood was born on the 17th of June, 1964 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America; she is 5ft 6 in. Her eye color is a dazzling dark brown, she has dark brown hair too and she is the first daughter of Clint Eastwood and Roxanne Tunis. At a young age, she had an interest in acting due to the fact that she grew up in the industry and has learned a great deal. It seemed only natural for her to want to step into her father’s shoes. She has appeared in a few of her father’s movies even though she began her career as a makeup artist and she was the head makeup artist for the movie “The Gulf”.

Kimber Eastwood has also made a few appearances in movies like the ‘Freeway Maniac’ in 1989, ‘White House Tour Guide’ in 1997, later ‘Passion Crimes and ‘Crossed’ in 2001. In 2008, she officially began her production career and has since produced a number of movies like Rapture, Trew Calling, The Heaven and Hell Collide, and Paranormal Silence.

Even though Kimber made her own name, most of her personal details are not easily found due to her strong sense of privacy and disclosure to the press. She has no active social media account, at least none that we know of. We do know that she gained a lot of popularity as a child due to the fact that she had the name, Eastwood.

Net Worth

From being a makeup artist to acting and finally, to producing her own movies, Kimber Lynn has made a fortune for herself that might soon rival her father’s net worth. Kimber Eastwood has an estimated net worth of $225 million.

Her father, Clint Eastwood was known to be worth approximately $375 million as of 2015.

Kimber Eastwood Married Life, Husband, and Kids

It is known that Kimber had been married twice and she is still in her latter union with Shawn Midkiff.

She was previously married to Anthony Gaddie. They met on the set of a television series and on the 7th of November 1983 they got married. On the 21st of February 1984, they welcomed a son Clinton Eastwood Gaddie. Seven years and so many issues later, the couple got a divorce after which she eventually moved on and remarried to Shawn Midkiff, a producer, and actor whom she had been dating for several months.

Kimber Eastwood is currently married to actor and producer Shawn Midkiff and they have had a loving union ever since. She has only one child Clinton Eastwood Gaddie with her first husband Anthony Gaddie. He was born on the 21st of February 1984.

Kimber Eastwood Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Husband, Kids, Family 
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Kimber Eastwood Family and Siblings

Kimber Lyn Eastwood has six paternal half-siblings; 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Her brothers go by the names Scott Eastwood and Kyle Eastwood. Her sisters are; Francesca Eastwood, Morgan Eastwood, Kathryn Eastwood, and Alison Eastwood.

Her brother Scott is both an actor and a model, while kyle; a jazz bass musician, went a different path as compared to his siblings. Her sisters are all actresses, though Morgan has only been featured in smaller roles. In addition to being actresses, Francesca and Alison are also models with Alison going further into fashion design.

Kimber’s mother (Roxanne Tunis) was an actress and a dancer, while her father Clint Eastwood was a legendary actor, filmmaker, political figure, producer, musician, and iconic figure.

During the 1960s, her dad rose to international fame with his role as the Man with No Name in Dollars Trilogy of Spaghetti Westerns, he later moved on to star in numerous high-profile productions. In 1992, he won Best Director and Best Picture for the movie Unforgiven at the Academy Awards. He further went on to win 3 more Academy Awards in 1994 and 2004.

To add to his many talents and qualifications, Clint Eastwood is a certified pilot known to personally fly his helicopter whenever he wants to beat the city’s traffic (mostly during production).

Clint and Roxanne met on the set of a TV series; ‘Rawhide’ and the 14-year long relationship began. It is said that her father Clint Eastwood and her mother Roxanne separated in 1975. Though her father has been very active in the dating world, her mother Roxanne is said to still be currently single. Her grandmother is Margaret Ruth Eastwood.

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