Kimberly Ann Vadala, Colin Cowherd’s Ex-wife – Bio, Family, Facts

Kimberly Ann Vadala, Colin Cowherd’s Ex-wife – Bio, Family, Facts

When she became the wife of Colin Cowherd (now ex), Kimberly Ann Vadala became primarily referred to as Cowherd’s ex-wife but beyond that, she is an American fitness enthusiast and also works as a model. She had aspired to pursue journalism as a career but ventured into the fitness world instead.

Despite her efforts in her career endeavors, Kimberly only became famous as the woman the American sports media personality was married to from 1996 to 2007. Read up on the lesser-known facts about Kimberly Ann Vadala.

Kimberly Ann Vadala – Bio

Kimberly Ann Vadala is yet to share personal details about her birth including the date and other details. Other than the fact that she was born in the United States of America, no other birth or family background facts has been shared with the public. Her parents and any possible siblings have remained unknown.

Her educational background records reveal that she graduated from college where she earned a degree in Economics. Her early education, however, has not been made available.

After completing her studies in college, Kimberly nurtured the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, as well as pursuing a career as a journalist. These dreams of hers faded away once she found a new one in fitness. She has always loved yoga and all sorts of exercise since her early days but never imagined a career would come out it for her. Kimberly went on to start her journey as a fitness diva and also added modeling to her résumé.

In spite of her presumed success in her career undertakings, Kimberly Ann Vadala has maintained her privacy policy and never leaked information about her career progress.

Relationship With Colin Cowherd

Kimberly Ann Vadala dated Colin Cowherd for a while before their marriage which took place in 1996. The two lived happily for a complete decade before trouble hit their paradise. As a result of some irreconcilable differences in their relationship as husband and wife, Kimberly and her media sports personality husband got a divorce in 2007.

Cowherd is now married to Ann Cowherd (since 2010) while Kimberly Ann Vadala has not shown any sign of being in another romantic relationship or marriage since the divorce.

Colin Cowherd met his new wife through a mutual friend. Ann, who has also gone through a divorce, is very supportive of her husband’s career, as well as his personal wellbeing; which is why the new couple set up a gym in the basement of their Manhattan house valued at over $3 million with the sole purpose of staying fit.

Kimberly Ann Vadala, Colin Cowherd’s Ex-wife – Bio, Family, Facts
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The closest thing to a family that can be attached to Kimberly is the one she built with her ex-husband. Nothing is known about her birth family but Kimberly is the mother of two children fathered by Colin Cowherd.

Following their divorce, their children moved in with their mother. She has continued to play her role as a mother and still making out time to build her career.

Other Facts About Kimberly Ann Vadala, Colin Cowherd’s Ex-Wife

1. She is an American by nationality but for her ethnicity, it is apparent she is Caucasian.

2. Being a journalist and businesswoman was her initial career interest but this changed when she discovered her inclination to fitness.

3. There is no doubt that Kimberly is living a comfortable life, thanks to her career earnings. Nevertheless, her exact net worth has not been revealed. Her ex-husband, however, has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

4. While there was no explanation on why her marriage to Colin ended, her famous husband reportedly suggested that Kimberly was too controlling and had a bad attitude which didn’t sit well with him.

5. To further cement her privacy policies, Kimberly Ann Vadala has maintained a complete absence from social media. She doesn’t have any account on any of the platforms, even though similar names might be seen there. Her husband, on the other hand, uses these platforms to stay in touch with his fans.

6. While she earns enough from her career ventures, Kimberly also receives child support from her ex which has guaranteed a life of luxury for her and the children.

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