Kylie Jenner’s House, Cars And Tattoos

Kylie Jenner is one teenager that seems to be on a row lately. The last child of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has made a name for herself in the cosmetics world. The teenager turned her very public controversy for using lip injections into a million dollar cosmetics brand. Aside from this, Kylie is one of the most followed people on all social media platforms.

As of 2016, she tops in at number 1 most viewed person on Snapchat and is also one of the top 10 most followed people on Instagram. It’s safe to say the young star has an outlet to really market her products. With an estimated networth of $10 million, a very successful lip-kit business and a $1 million contract with the fashion brand PUMA, the star has established herself as one very serious teenage business star.

Kylie Jenner’s House

The young star has a thing for houses and currently just purchased her third California property. While most kids at 17 would still be worrying about buying textbooks and going to college, the then 17yr old Kylie purchased her first house. The $2.7 million Calabasas house, which she purchased, is close to her family home.

The teenage business star went on to list said house for $3.9million, which means she stands to earn a profit $1.2million if it’s sold at the asking price.

Since then, having moved on to making so much more money through various business ventures, the reality star purchased her second house in Hidden Hills, California for a whooping $6 million. The mansion is a 7000 square feet home with white Cape Cod style and a big driveway.

After this, she closed another real estate deal in Hidden Hills. Her third house is a 5000 square foot, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool and a Jacuzzi. The house was bought for $4.5 million. It is situated close to her other mansion and it’s said that she purchased this to have a bigger and more suitable space for her growing cosmetics line.

So while she still lives in her 7000 square feet mansion, this 5000 square foot will be her working space. Pretty nice if you’re making the millions she’s currently cashing in from her Kylie brand.

Kylie Jenner’s Cars

Aside from real estate, the reality star also seems to have a thing for very nice cars and currently has a very enviable car collection. The teen star has a total of 6 luxury cars.

1) Mercedes G-Class SUV

The classy car, which is often found on some of her Instagram posts, has a starting price of $115,400, which is a very affordable price considering what she makes yearly.

2) White Range Rover Autobiography

The white Range Rover Autobiography, she says, is the first car she ever bought. So it has a special place in her heart. The Range is an extended version and costs $150,000.

3) White Rolls Royce Ghost

Kylie has said that this is the smoothest car she has ever driven and that it makes her feel like a boss. The car costs $320,000.

4) Custom Land Rover

The star gifted herself a Land Rover for her 19th birthday, completely customized to suit her taste. She gave fans a glimpse of the interior on her Snapchat, which features two-tone leather seats and flat screen TVs.

5) Ferrari 458 Italia

Kylie and her boyfriend Tyga have been dating for a few years now. For her 18th Birthday the rapper gifted his girlfriend a white Ferrari 458 Italia. He got it for her because it was her dream car. She later repainted it to blue.

6) Mercedes Maybach

Topping her last birthday gift, Kylie’s rapper boyfriend gifted her with yet another luxurious car for her 19th birthday. The Maybach cost $200,000.

Kylie Jenner’s Tattoos 

The star has a total of 4 tattoos, which means she has the highest ink count amongst the girls in the family. She debuted the first tattoo (a tiny red heart on her upper arm) on her 18th birthday.

Her second tattoo is on her lower hip and it phonetically spells out “sanity”.

The third tattoo is the name of her grandmother “Mary Jo” on her arm. The tattoo is in her grandfather’s handwriting.

The last tattoo the star debuted is one she got with her bestfriend Jordyn Woods, which bears the letter “M” on the inside of their fingers.

Kylie Jenner definitely has a taste for exquisite cars and mansions. Who can blame her? As a clever businesswoman she has parlayed her fame into some big bucks.

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