Lior Bitton – Bio, Family Facts About Jenna Jameson’s Partner

In our world today, people are becoming increasingly famous as a result of who their partners are. Be it an entertainer; actor, actress, musician, comedian or a writer, politician, educationist, in fact, any field of human endeavor where one has distinguished himself for good. Whenever such a person begins a relationship with another person, their partner will most certainly receive an equal amount of attention as they do. It is in this regard that the relationship between Lior Bitton and Jenna Jameson became of interest to many people for different reasons owing to the latter’s former profession as an adult entertainer/pornstar.

Perhaps you already know who Jenna is, but in case you just got to hear/see her name for the first time, you can read more about her . In this article, we are going to tell you more about her very supportive and doting husband, in addition to sharing a couple of family facts we gathered about the couple.

Lior Bitton – Bio

Lior Bitton is Isreali, he was born in Herzliya, Israel, a city situated in the Northern part of the Tel Aviv District, famous as the hub of start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. There have not been any verifiable records of his birthday, family members and what his childhood life was like. This also extends to his educational endeavors as almost nothing exists on the media pointing to the schools he attended and how he grew to be the man we know him as today.

However, if we are to piece together the few available facts we gathered about Lior Bitton’s early life and draw inferences with them, it is probable that Lior was raised in his birthplace. Similarly, it is also likely that while growing up, the business culture of Herzliya city rubbed off on him such that he not only established his own business latter, he is thriving in it in another continent and country, thousands of miles away from the land he calls home. Before his business pursuit, Lior also served in the Isreali military as it is compulsory for every Isreali aged 18 and above to serve a minimum of 2 years in the Israel Defense Force.

Bitton runs a jewelry business in Westminster, a city in California in the United States of America which he named Pacific Diamonds and Gems store. He has been quite successful in his business albeit with one ugly legal incident which saw him on the wrong side of the law.

It happened sometime in January 2010 when he got arrested for being involved with some theft accusation which in reality was an insurance fraud he committed against his insurer – Berkley Asset Protection. Lior Bitton claimed that one of his courier which contained 20 pieces and a 4.21-carat diamond was stolen. He requested the sum of $99, 000 from his insurer as compensation for the assets that were stolen. However, a month later, Lior flew to Isreal and sold the same items he claimed to have been stolen to an Isreali buyer.

The buyer, without an innocuous intent, took the purchase to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to ascertain its authenticity and it was there that it got revealed that the diamonds matched exactly those Lior claimed to have been stolen from him. More so, they had his fingerprints on them; Did he then steal from himself?

Shamefully, Bitton was arrested and taken into custody sometime in 2011. He received a 3 years sentencing of formal probation, 5 days in jail and 90 days of home confinement. This was in addition to him being requested to pay back to his insurer the sum he got as compensation. Reports have it that Bitton was later held on bail with the sum of $100, 000.

Family Facts About Jenna Jameson’s Partner

Details about Lior Bitton and Jenna Jameson’s relationship have it that the duo started dating sometime in 2015 and have been inseparable since then. Their fans on social media bear testament to the love they have for each other as they seize every opportunity to show this to them. There are multiple reports out there that they are now engaged and are planning on walking down the aisle anytime soon.

In the course of their relationship, the duo welcomed the birth of their first child together, a baby girl named Batel Lu Bitton who was born sometime in April 2017. Aside, Batel, Lior already had 3 children from a previous relationship while Jenna on her own part had twin sons named Jesse and Journey with her ex-husband .

As you would have already guessed, Lior Bitton is Jew and Jenna being in a relationship with him, one that they already have a kid between them and are having marriage talks will certainly raise questions about Jenna’s religion. She was raised a Roman Catholic faithful by her parents and grew to be an adherent of the faith.

Following her relationship with Tito who is Isreali and practices Judiasim, Jenna has chosen to follow the path of her husband. She has begun her conversion to Judaism for yonks and this has seen her give up so many things. The former porn star starred on Just Jenna, a short 2016 film which chronicled the journey of her conversion to Judaism. Her partner Bitton also appeared on the short film playing the role of Rabi Moray.

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