Maureen Blumhardt Wiki, Son, Children, Biography, Married, Husband

Maureen Blumhardt Wiki, Son, Children, Biography, Married, Husband

Maureen Blumhardt is a celebrity model who is talked about for many good reasons. She did what many women in her time couldn’t do as well as what many men wouldn’t do if they were in her shoes. Today, she is not only famous to have married a black man when most of her white counterparts were sticking to their fellow whites, she has grown to be an inspiration for women standing up to advance and look out for the right of fellow women

Maureen Blumhardt Wiki, Biography

Maureen Blumhardt was born in New York on an unpublicized day and month in the year 1960 to parents of white American ethnicity. Not many details have been released about her educational background or what it was like for her growing up. At best, we can say she was an ordinary woman born into an ordinary family but was set to become extraordinary by doing an extraordinary thing in her choice of a marriage partner.

In her formative years, young Maureen wanted to be an actress but was highly limited by circumstances she couldn’t easily overcome as at that time. This saw her switching career preferences as she ventured into a business which turned out to be very successful.

She would soon go on to be a member of the popular Fresh Women Foundation which she remarkably still subscribes membership to date. The organisation was set up to look out for and protect the easily trampled-on rights of women as well as encouraging them to be visibly strong in the wider society. In addition to championing this cause, she holds membership to an activity group poised to change the lives of less privileged ladies in the society via instructions, preparations and engaging them on how to positively turn around the negatives life has presented them with. Summarily, Maureen Blumhardt wants to make the world a better place for women.

Is Maureen Blumhardt Married? Husband

Maureen Blumhardt Wiki, Son, Children, Biography, Married, Husband

Maureen Blumhardt is married to Charles Wade Barkley, a black American retired basketball player who does exceptionally well as an analyst in inside the NBA. During his days in the sports, he was a power forward in the legendary Philadelphia’s basketball team.

The story of their 1989 marriage was one that wasn’t popular at the time. For the couple, they kept it out of public knowledge because Charles Barkley was of an Afro-American ethnicity while Maureen Blumhardt was of white American ethnicity. Black and white Americans in those days don’t mingle as freely as we have it in contemporary times.

Maureen and Charles met when Maureen was working as a Legal Aide and as a part-time model in Bucks County. They met at a restaurant in Bucks County called City Avenue. It was love at first sight as the two quickly took to each other. However, considering the disapproval such relationships between successful black Americans and white American women got at that time, they limited their admiration for each other and didn’t make it a subject of public discussion. As it was then, the only thing they get when they go out together was unpleasant whispers and disapproving stares from white members of the public, while the blacks often looked on in awe and unbelief.

In the cause of time, being poised that they wanted to spend their lives with each other, and in avoidance of more public interest, the two were said to have gotten married before a judge without the typical publicized wedding ceremony a legendary basketball player like Charles Wade Barkley should have. It was all about love and nothing but love for the two. They have been married for more than 20 decades now without any hints of divorce or major bitter issues between them. Of course, they must have seen their own share of bitterness in marriage if not still seeing it which is typical of every marriage, but they have stayed true to each other all this time.

Maureen Blumhardt’s Son, Children

The 1989 marriage between modest Maureen Blumhardt and legendary Charles Wade Barkley produced a daughter named Christiana Barkley (born in 1989) who from looks of it, is a perfect blend of the two genes.

At a time, it was believed that Maureen Blumhardt had a son who looked more like his white mother. But not much has been said about this unnamed son and if he is Barkley’s or Maureen had him before getting married to Barkley. The couple had remained mute on this and the rumour can be said to have naturally died down.