Mike Zimmer Wife, Daughter, Age, Salary, What Happened To His Eye

Mike Zimmer Wife, Daughter, Age, Salary, What Happened To His Eye

If you are a lover of American football then you would have heard the name Mike Zimmer. He is the coach of the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL). Since becoming head coach of the team, Zimmer has brought uncommon transformation within the Vikings set up and today, they have become genuine contenders in the NFL. Read on to find out more about this outstanding coach and other details about his family and eye surgery.

Mike Zimmer Bio (Age)

Mike Zimmer as many fans and lovers of football would know is a popular coach and someone who is multi-talented as far as football is concerned. He was born on June 5, 1956, in Peoria, Illinois, and into the family of Bill Zimmer, who himself was a former NFL player and coach. Mike was good in baseball, football, and wrestling but his career in sports ended after he sustained an injury to the neck.

He acquired his high school education at Lockport Township High School and then he progressed and enrolled at the Illinois State University where he majored in physical education. Mike Zimmer is known to be a very optimistic person and does not believe in giving up no matter the situation of things. He has faced lots of challenges in life which has helped in shaping his life and making him the type of person he is today.

As a player, Mike Zimmer was good enough to win the Super Bowl Championship and other championships such as the AFC North Championship, NFC East Championship and others. Before he became the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, he was with the Cincinnati Bengals as their defensive coordinator – a position he also held for the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys.

Salary, Net Worth

Mike Zimmer’s sojourn in football – both as a player and as a coach – has given him a net worth estimated to be at $6 million. For his salary, his recent contract extension meant that the former quarterback goes home annually with a salary of $4 million.

 Mike Zimmer Wife, Daughter, Age, Salary, What Happened To His Eye
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Who is His Wife? Daughter

Mike Zimmer is a family man. He was married to one woman -Vikki Zimmer for 27 years before she passed on. She died on October 8, 2009, at the age of 50 from natural causes at their home in Ohio. Mike and Vikki first met each other while they were both jogging and they also had another encounter in college while he was coaching at the Weber State University which is situated in Ogden, Utah. Their wedding took place in 1982 and their union was blessed with three children Adam, Corri, and Marki Zimmer.

Vikki, while she was still alive, was very supportive of her husband’s career and was also a good mother to her children.  Her death was a sad one for her family and it affected Zimmer so much because of the affinity they shared. Mike Zimmer has since moved on with his life and is currently in a relationship with Tina Glass.

Coach Zimmer and his children came together as a family and decided that they would love to continue the legacy of their mother. The family then launched a foundation called “The Mike Zimmer Foundation” and thanks to Corri Zimmer, his daughter, the establishment of the foundation was a success. The aim of this foundation is to help provide a better life for children in need by motivating them to pursue their dreams and also awarding scholarships.

Corri was a former intern at ESPN and she had her university education at the Texas State University in San Marcos. She has worked at the producer’s department of the National Football League films in New Jersey.

What Happened To Mike Zimmer Eyes?

Mike Zimmer was rubbing his eyes in the game against Chicago Bears. The Vikings coach was not aware that he had torn his retina. After a period of four weeks, Zimmer’s eyes became so bad that he had to go in for emergency surgery in other to avoid the risk of being blind since the retina had detached from its normal position.

The first surgery was carried out successfully but after about a week, the eyes continued to be a challenge to his game and so Mike went in for the second surgery which was also a success but the bad vision persisted and he went in for the third surgery. So far, Mike Zimmer has had up to eight surgeries on that particular eye.

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