Modern Love: What You Should Know about Anne Hathaway’s Web TV Series

Modern Love web series is out and it has got its viewers captivated and engrossed with beautiful stories that revolve around love and life. The web TV series is based on The New York Times column. Modern Love has witnessed impressive growth over the years graduating from a column to a book then to a podcast, and now a show. All thanks to The New York Times for knowing the right time to create a show from the column turned podcast.

Love is felt in different dimensions in the all interesting series. Apart from children, this show is almost suitable for people of all ages as it touches all aspects of love. It is a show which anybody can relate to as it portrays the day to day experiences of the common man on love and all that has to do with it. Hollywood icon is the lead actress in the series which also stars, Tina Fey, Dev Patel, Catherine Keener, John Slattery, and Andrew Scott. The web series streams on Amazon Prime and has garnered a lot of viewers within a short time.

There is already the demand for season 2 and questions about that have already started flooding the internet. But all we can say at the moment is, sit back, relax, and grab your tissues while at it because you’re about to have a heartwarming experience that could make you teary.

Facts About Anne Hathaway’s Web TV Series

How It Ended Up in a Series

Modern Love has existed for years and since its inception has told stories of people concerning their relationships with others. As earlier mentioned, Modern Love started as an ordinary column in The New York Times. The column soon became a podcast where these stories are read by the writers of the essay themselves as well as notable personalities. Modern Love was given a series order by Amazon in June 2018. The New York Times together with Storied Media Group then produced an eight-episode web series that would air on Amazon Prime.

Modern Love’s Ensemble Cast

Yes! it has your favorite Hollywood stars. The all interesting love series has been nicely garnished with a carefully handpicked all-star cast known for several notable movies in Hollywood. A-List actress leads the all-star cast of the series. Joining her are Hollywood big wigs Tina Fey, , John Slattery, Brandon Victor Dixon, Catherine Keener, Julia Garner, Andy García, Cristin Milioti, , Andrew Scott, Shea Whigham, Gary Carr, and a few others. With names like these, no one needs to tell you what you’re about to experience in the Modern Love series.


The series runs for 30 minutes for each episode. Each episode has its own story portrayed by the cast. They are drawn from real-life stories from the podcast. To bring it to life, the Director and the crew brought together the perfect cast to bring those stories to life once again.

John Carney Contributions in the Series

Not just a hand; as a matter of fact, all that had to do with production for the all so unique series was headed by John Carney. The talented filmmaker brought his expertise in writing, directing as well as executive producing on. Carney’s input augmented by the contributions of other notable personalities like Emmy Rossum, Sharon Horgan, and Tom Hall, yielded the excellent output which everyone is crazy about.


Although Carney was meant to do it all initially, Rossum did a good job directing an episode written by film director Audrey Wells. Sharon Horgan and Tom Hall were writers for some episodes that they directed. Episode 4 – “Rallying to keep the Game Alive” – was written and directed by Sharon Horgan, while Episode 5 – “At the Hospital, an Interlude of Clarity” – was written and directed by Tom Hall.

Modern Love Could Pass for a New York Reality Series

Modern Love can be a Keeping Up with the Kardashians kind of series for core New Yorkers. Simply put, it is New York behind the scenes. Every episode of Modern Love is based on a true-life story from The New York Times column. It is the true story of New Yorkers and resonates with anyone that comes in contact with it.

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