Mor Toledano Bio, Relationship With Ben Shapiro, Family, Quick Facts 

It is said, there is always a woman behind every successful man. Based on this, we can rightfully say Mor Toledano or Mor Shapiro is the woman behind politically successful Ben Shapiro.

Many don’t know about her because Ben keeps his relationship with her out of the public discussion. A mention of her name, Mor Toledano might not even make one raise eyebrows but address her as Mor Shapiro and everyone will be interested to learn about this relatively unknown Shapiro.

Her husband is a well known American political commentator, lawyer, columnist, author and radio talk show host. Let’s find out if Mor has a profile as rich as that of her husband.

Mor Toledano Bio and Family

Not much information is public about Mor Toledano because she is not the type of celebrity that lives a well-known public life. However, we have got some information about her which we will use to build a short interesting bio on her, so read on.

She is an Isreali citizen of Moroccan descent who was born in Herzliya. Her religion is obviously Orthodox Judaism. She had her schooling in Hod Hasharon, Isreal and also studied precisely at Sha’arei Mishpat College in Hod Hasharon where she graduated with a deep interest to study psychobiology (the study of mind and body relationships).

This led her to come to California for university education and by 2005, she gained admission into the University of California in Los Angeles where she completed her BS MD in Psychobiology/Behavioral Science, Medicine in 2015 from the university.

During her medical school, she worked as a Clinical Skills Instructor while for her residency, she was attached to the Kaiser Foundation Hospital and later took up a student research role at  David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Her passion lies in bioethics and it led her to launch the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium which has since become an annual event. Being a versed academia, Mor has had several publications in women’s health, behavioural health and resident education.  It should interest you to know that while doing all this, little or nothing was known about her. Nevertheless, her marriage to Ben Shapiro soon got people interested in knowing who she is.

Mor Toledano is said to be working at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center as a family physician.

Exact details of who her parents are, whether she had siblings or not and what life was like for them in Isreal is unknown at this time.

Mor Toledano Relationship with Ben Shapiro

Mor Toledano and Ben Shapiro dated for a number of years before getting engaged in the year 2007. Their engagement lasted for almost a year and they got married in 2008 in Acre, Israel in a traditional Jewish marriage style.

The couple now started life as husband and wife back in the US. In 2014, the first baby of the marriage was born – Leeya Eliana Shapiro. She, however, had a congenital heart defect in the form of an atrial septal defect. The defect was later corrected with an open heart surgery in 2015 at the Children’s Hospital in L.A and the baby survived.

The year 2016 saw to the birth of their second child, a boy whose birth was announced on Twitter by Ben. The name of the boy is not yet revealed neither has any other information about him been revealed. However, he is widely believed to have been born healthy.

Quick Facts about Mor Toledano

She was born in Isreal

She loves arts and crafts and watching TV. in her past time

Mor Toledano loves singing but admits that she cannot sing though when she was in medical school, she was in the school’s ‘a Cappella’s group

When Ben first met Mor, he asked her questions about her virginity. She is not known to have been in a relationship before meeting Ben.

Her father-in-law wrote a song for her wedding with Ben Shapiro. That’s just to tell you how much she is loved by her in-laws.

On her wedding day, reports had it that she looked stunning in her wedding dress.

Mor loves spending time with her family more than anything else.