Pashence Marie – Biography And Facts About The Instagram Model

Pashence Marie – Biography And Facts About The Instagram Model

Oftentimes, people tend to excel in careers they consciously thought of going into, took the right steps/training, and turned out to be masters in their career interests. It is given that a young athlete who is passionate about playing football, excels in his high school and college football career will most likely make waves in the National Football League. Same goes for models, actors/actresses in the movie industry, people in academia, law, politics, and even professions in science. But when you get to know of an individual like Pashence Marie who got into modeling by mistake but has recorded immense success, one can’t help but admit that she is super talented and also lucky. Learn more about her in the facts below.

Pashence Marie – Biography

The norm is for people to look older as they advance in age right? Oh yes! no one can argue that; not even the greatest biological scientists currently living. But with Pashence Marie, we might seriously begin to question the merits of that axiom seeing that she seems to have made a stop in her aging process. Who would believe that the Instagram model is over 3 decades old? Perhaps no one, but here we are with the facts about her birthdate staring us straight in the eyes. The belle celebrates her birthday every 23rd of June as she was born on that day in the year 1986. The U.S southeasternmost state of Florida precisely in Fernandina Beach was recorded as her birthplace. Marie also spent her formative years there under the tender loving care of her mother Trici.

Though we know who her mother is and where she was born, we can’t boast of having similar information about her father and siblings neither are there any online sources that we can quote as having credible information about them. These notwithstanding, Pashence Marie must have had a funfilled childhood where she got so much love from her family members. She described herself as someone who loves expressing her feelings and showing how much she has grown on the inside. It is possible that this was what prompted one of her friends who works as a photographer to talk to her about taking a peek into the modeling industry.

Pashence like most other people with an expressive personality will often show support to what other people are doing. In this case, her friend. After her friend took a few shots of her which she admired, she thereafter began to give modeling a deeper consideration. After all, she has got the looks. From such an unplanned venture into modeling, the Florida-born beauty gradually grew her career with breathtaking bikini shots. She got a lot more famous in 2015 when she was named’s Model of the Month for January.

Asides working with myriad modeling agencies, Marie has posed for big magazines like Cherish Magazin, B.A.D.D Magazine, Focus Factory, and Kandy Magazine. Other than posing for pictures, she has written the Sexpert Advice column for Bikini Model Magazine which is just another of the many things this multitalented Instagram model is noted for.

Facts About The Instagram Model

1. Body Measurements and Features

The prized possession of an athlete is his or her strength, physique, skill in the sports and mental/psychological endurance. For models, it is their looks and in some cases intelligence. Pashence Marie has a perfect blend of both. She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches weighing about 120lbs. Her bust measures 36 inches, waist is 26 inches while her perfectly shaped hips are 32 inches in size.

Marie has a brown eye color and a black hair color which she wears long. She has no visible piercing neither have we seen any tattoos on her skin. Her skin has a tan color/pale tone of brown.

2. Boobs (Fake or Not)

Whenever you look at Pashence Marie, one thing you won’t fail to notice is obviously her boobs which has really done a good job in her bikini shoots. People hold divergent views on whether they are wholly natural or perhaps have been enhanced. While this debate rages on, the fact remains that the Instagram model has not made any disclosure in this regard and we don’t know when she will.

3. Clothing Item Sizes

The model’s conspicuous breast is clad in bras with cup DD size, she wears a U.S dress size of 2 and size 6.5 for her footwear.

Pashence Marie – Biography And Facts About The Instagram Model
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4. Lover for Nature 

Marie seems to be in love with nature and all it has to offer. Her Instagram account (pashence_marie) has several pictures she took while vacationing in some natural holiday spots including those in the water with sea animals. On one of such pictures which she took while in Thailand with an elephant, she was calling upon the US to do more research to discover and map out better conservation efforts.

5. Other Facts

Other facts about Pashence Marie like her net worth and significant other have not been verified. Though we assume she probably earns comfortably as a model, we can’t assume about her relationship life. Marie has not made any disclosures in this regard neither has any man/woman hinted on being the significant other in her life. Perhaps in the course of time, these and more will be made known.

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