Pitbull Net Worth, Age, Height, Married, Wife And Kids, Biography

Pitbull Net Worth, Age, Height, Married, Wife And Kids, Biography

Pitbull, who goes by the name Armando Christian Perez, Mr. World Wide was born on the 15th of January 1981 in Miami, Florida. He is the son of Armando Perez and Alysha Acosta. Pitbull is a notable American singer, actor, rapper, and record producer. At age three, he was able to do a poetic rendition of Jose Marti; Cuba’s popular poet and hero, in the Spanish language.

While he was growing up, he got influenced by the Miami bass genre of pop music. He delved into music, citing Willy Chirino and Celia Cruz as his sources of inspiration. When he was a young chap, his parents got divorced, and he was raised by his mother. He later decided to go to Roswell, Georgia; where he was taken care of by his foster family.

The Name Pitbull

Pitbull was a student of South Miami Senior High School but completed his studies at Miami Coral Park High School; where he concentrated on his rapping career. The famous rapper said he adopted the name Pitbull due to the fact that the dogs bite to lock. After his encounter with Lil Jon in Miami, Pitbull got featured in 2002 on Lil Jon’s and the East Side Boyz’ album; Kings of Crunk.


In the year 2001, Pitbull got signed by Julian Boothe to Luther Campbell’s Luke Records. In that same year, he got introduced to Robert Fernandez of the popular artist in music and organization. Robert’s organization was an autonomous label and management company that specializes in developing talented artists. The Diaz brothers are the producers signed to the label to produce the music of any newly signed artist. Fernandez saw the talent in Pitbull and helped him to attain stardom. When the deal with Luke Records came to an abrupt end, Fernandez started working with Pitbull so he could produce creative music. The duo coalesced in order to produce a radio-friendly sound.

Later on, He was introduced to Lil Jon by Fernandez, hoping to help the rapper secure an introduction spot on King of Crunks; Lil Jon’s forthcoming album. On seeing Pitbull, Lil Jon developed interest in his talent, and featured him in one of the tracks on the album; Pitbull’s Cuban Ride Out. The opportunity given to Pitbull raised the profile of the young rapper.


In the year 2004, M.I.A.M.I. which was Pitbull’s debut album was released. The lead single “Culo” was produced by the Diaz Brothers and Lil Jon. It clinched the number 32 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, and it also peaked at number 11 on the Hot Rap Tracks Chart. Dammit ManBack UpToma, and That’s Nasty are other singles which are in the album.

Pitbull later teamed up with 50 Cent and Eminem in the Anger Management Tour, the 2000 hip-hop concert. He also featured on Shake, a single released by Ying Yang Twins. The song peaked the number 41 spot on the Hot 100, and it clinched number 12 position on the rap chart. In the year 2010, he did a Spanish rap version of Michael Jackson’s We are the World, alongside other famous Spanish artists.

In the year 2005, Pitbull and Sean Combs co-initiated Bad Boy Latino, an offshoot of Combs’ Bad Boy Records label. The primary aim is to focus on Latin soul, Latin hip-hop, Latin pop, and other tropical music. They have offices situated in New York, Miami, and Florida.

Net Worth

The net worth of the renowned rapper is estimated to be around $50 million dollars.

Marital Life, Wife, and Kids

Pitbull Net Worth, Age, Height, Married, Wife And Kids, Biography
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The rapper has no wife but has four children from different women. Two of his children are from Barbara Alba, his former girlfriend. Pitbull has not disclosed any information about his other children. He always stays mute whenever he is asked about his kids and hardly makes comments about his love life. Even though he and Barbara are no longer together the duo are still in joint tutelage of their children

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

He is 5 ft 9 inches tall, he weighs 73kg and his chest measurement is 41, waist 33, and biceps 14.


The rapper is known for his charity works. Because of his philanthropic work with children, he got inducted into Ambassador David M. Walter’s International Pediatric Hall of Fame for his immense contribution to the Children’s Health Foundation.

Quick Facts about Pitbull

He developed his interest in rap music after his mother stopped him from selling drugs. Nas and Notorious B.I.G are the rappers who inspired him.

There was a complicated relationship between Pitbull and his father who earned good pay on the street. During that period, Pitbull got to know that money comes and leaves quickly.

I know you, Pitbull’s foremost internationally popular song, clinched the number 2 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the year 2011, Give me Everything was his foremost number-one Billboard Hot 100.

He dedicated his album ‘Listen’ to his father who died in May that year.

There is a video that went viral about Pitbull punching a young man because he threw some cash on his face.

Pitbull happens to be the rapper that has been mostly nominated for the Billboard Latin Music Awards. The rapper was nominated 11 times for different categories in the year 2011 alone.

There was a period Pitbull was honored with “Key to the City” by Miami because he brought a good reputation to Miami. This is an honor conferred by the state to a visitor.

He did a diss track Welcome to Dade County to strike back at Lil Wayne for ranting on Miami Heat.

At the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards, he clinched the Best Performance Award for “Echa Pa” lla (Manos Pa’arriba), his song.

Telehit recognized Pitbull as the most popular artist.

In December 2007, Pitbull was charged $ 1000 because he was caught drunk driving.

He is not only known as a rapper but a businessman. He partners with Kodak, Voli, Vodka, and Bud Light.

In the year 2016, he was featured in UPN’s South Beach.

The rapper alongside a partner owns Subs Pizza and Grill in Miami.

He was fortunate to be chosen as the speaker at the Sports Leadership and Management.