Rachel De Barros – Bio, Age, Wiki, Married, Measurements, Net Worth

Rachel De Barros – Bio, Age, Wiki, Married, Measurements, Net Worth

Endowed with a pretty face and an attractive figure, Rachel De Barros has all she needs to excel as a model or any other profession in the showbiz industry like most pretty women but she’s chose a different path. She works in a garage where she is not afraid to get her hands dirty while working on the most difficult automobiles.

For her unique choice of career which goes against several stereotypes, Rachel De Barros has become a popular figure, as well as a strong source of inspiration to anyone who feels there are barriers in the professions they aspire to venture into. Among other feats, Rachel has acquired the nickname Gearhead Diva for her exploits on cars and her TV appearance on All Girls Garage.

Rachel De Barros’ Bio, Age

The garage girl was born on 4th August in 1978 in an unspecified place located in the United States, however, her ancestry is traced to Brazil. She graduated with a degree in Marketing from Ohio University but this did not waver her passion for repairing cars.

While no specific details have been given about her parents, Rachel doesn’t hide the fact that she has so much love and respect for her family. She doesn’t say much about them but once in a while, she sends her regards to her father and mother on her social media accounts.

At a very tender age, Rachel De Barros developed a strong inclination towards cars and appliances that are used at home, thanks to the influence of her electrician father and her uncle’s auto body repair shop. They probably sowed the first seed in her life that later grew into a successful career. She was a very curious child who always wanted to find out how things worked and to satisfy that curiosity, she would disassemble toys and electrical appliances around the house and put them back together.

As a teenager, she would spend her holidays at her uncle’s collision shop where she learned bodywork and paint. She carried her passion to college where she repaired her car by herself and offered the same services to fellow students who found it very convenient and efficient.

When Rachel De Barros decided to use her enthusiasm for automobiles to start a career as a mechanic, nobody took her seriously. Nevertheless, she combined her knowledge in marketing with the burning passion she has for automobiles to devise strategies that opened doors for her. In addition to serving as the spokesperson for some aftermarket companies while also designing marketing strategies, the automobile enthusiast established her own company known as Purple Star Media, LLC in May 2006.

Rachel De Barros – Bio, Age, Wiki, Married, Measurements, Net Worth
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While running her business, Rachel continued to hone her skills by completing her Automotive Training & Repair Program at the Philadelphia Automotive Training School. Armed with her technical knowledge and marketing experience, the beautiful mechanic broke several boundaries in the aftermarket industry. She now belongs to SEMA Businesswomen’s Network and SEMA Young Executives Network. She is also the chief marketing officer, as well as the host and executive producer of the DIY car building show known as Gearhead Diva.

Net Worth

From disassembling toys and appliances at home to wiring electronics, rebuilding a car engine, and doing wonders with the bodywork and paint, Rachel De Barros knows her onions when it comes to fixing things. This feat has taken her career to different heights and her net worth is not left out. She pockets a handsome amount from her show and other endeavors on the internet which has seen her record an estimated net worth of almost $3 million.

Is Rachel De Barros Married?

The automotive expert might be very free with sharing her skills with fans and audiences but when it comes to her personal details, she goes mum. So far, the only relationship you can find in her life is the one she has with cars and their engines. She is satisfied with building her career than investing her time in relationships.

Thus, it is safe to conclude that she is not yet married and doesn’t have a boyfriend either.

Rachel De Barros’ Body Measurements

Her height has not been confirmed but she apparently stands a few inches above 5 feet and has a slender body that measures 32-23-32 for bust, waist, and hips. At first glance, her body doesn’t give her away as a mechanic as she has maintained her feminine glow while thriving in a career that is dominated by men.