Rick Hoffman Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Gay, Height, Son

You may know him as Louis Litt from the legal drama series Suits or as Patrick Van Dorn from Jake in Progress, or even something else, but he is Rick Hoffman in real life. In any case, you don’t know.

Having spent over 2 decades in Hollywood, the actor has now become one of the faces that are quite popular, although not in the Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, or even Christian Bale sense of being popular.

That said, the actor has held his grounds for a long time in the very competitive movie industry as he has kept doing his thing in a way only he can do it.

Rick Hoffman Wiki/Bio

Getting to know him better than what the screen has to offer, Rick Hoffman was born precisely born on June 12, 1970, as Rick Edward Hoffman.

It was in New York that this child who would grow into a popular actor was born. It was also in New York, Roslyn Heights, that he was raised with his younger brother, Jef. He was born and brought up by his Jewish parents, Gail and Charlie Hoffman.

For his education, Rick Hoffman attended The Wheatley School for his high school education. From there he proceeded to the University of Arizona, for a degree program. During his university days, the actor was a member of the Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) Fraternity.

After he graduated from the university, Rick Hoffman hit the roads for Los Angeles, California where he decided to push forward with his acting career.

It didn’t go for the acting graduate as he planned and without any other plan, he spent many years waiting on restaurant tables. When at last an audition came and he got a role in Suits he revealed thus:

“I was hysterically crying in the middle of a park in San Francisco where I was on location doing a small (TV) guest role and I can’t tell you the feeling. I could cry now. It was this euphoric … like, thank you, God.”

His acting career began as far back as 1997 when he took a role in the movie Conspiracy Theory. While he made the appearance, his role wasn’t all massive as he played the role of a security guard. Next, he played the role of a police officer in 1998’s Lethal Weapon 4.

From then on, the actor kept appearing in movies and TV shows. It was, however, in 2011 that he got the major break when he took on the main character in Suits which is still running.

Over his years in the industry, the US sitcom star has appeared in over 40 productions acting both major and minor roles.

Rick Hoffman Wife, Son, Gay

First of all, it is important to clarify that although the 47-years-old star has not come out to deny is there are no indication that Rick Hoffman is Gay. The only thing is that he has acted the role of a gay man in a short film, Our Time Is Up which was made as far back as 2004.

Although Rick Hoffman has a son, there is no indication that he has a wife, and the mother of his son has remained a very big mystery. That remains so three years after the birth of his son in December 2014.

The only thing known about her is that she is no longer with the movie star even though, as he has revealed in an interview, they are still best of friends.

Looking at his relationships, there have been rumors that actor is dating British soap star Stephanie Waring after the two were spotted out on a lunch in 2016.

The rumor was further inflamed by some messages exchanged by the duo on Twitter. The truth of behind the rumor still remains hidden as neither the father of one nor the actress who is a mother of 2 has come forward to confirm or deny the rumor.

That has been the only relationship that has been linked to the actor. Looking at how he has been able to keep the mother of his son in private, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that nothing is known of his relationships.

Rick Hoffman Height

A well-built man, the Rick Hoffman has a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Rick Hoffman Net Worth

Having spent many years in Hollywood, it will only be right to say, considering where he stands today, that the Suits star has paid his dues in full. In return of this, the man should have a good net worth. Well, he does, as his net worth is placed at $1 million.

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