Roy Moore – Biography, Wife, Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Accusations

Roy Moore – Biography, Wife, Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Accusations

Politics has been described as a dirty game but no matter how dirty it gets, politicians still have to keep their hands clean. A scandal in politics besmirches your reputation and all the good works you did before the scandal is more or less erased; this is the story of the American politician and former member of the supreme court; Roy Moore. To learn more about his life and the scandals that have plagued his career keep reading.

Roy Moore Biography

Roy Stewart Moore was born on the 11th of February in 1947 in the town of Gadsden Alabama to Roy Moore and Evely Stewart. His father was a war veteran who worked at construction sites after his discharge from the military. Roy was the first child of his parents, with two brothers and two sisters born after him. His childhood was spent in different states as his father tried to find different ways to provide for the family.

For his high school education, Roy Moore attended two schools but rounded off his schooling at the high school of the county he lived in; Etowah County in 1965. In 1969 with a Bachelor of Science degree, Moore graduated from the Military Academy; West Point.


After leaving the university Moore joined the American Army just like his father and he served in the Vietnam War. As a decorated officer holding the rank of Captain, Roy Moore was discharged from the army after five years of service. The same year he left the army was the same year he got into law school and graduated in 1977. He went into private practice a short while after he joined the office of the District Attorney. Thus, began his journey to the Supreme Court.

In 1982, Moore ran for the position of Circuit Judge on the platform of the Democratic Party, and he lost the primaries. After his loss, he moved to Australia, where he lived for a year. Ten years after his first attempt at securing the seat of Circuit Judge of his county, the Circuit Judge died while in office, causing the governor to make a new appointment; and based on recommendations, Roy Moore was appointed.

Moore was unable to separate religion from state affairs which you would not expect from a man of his legal standing as he put up a plaque of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and conducted prayers before sessions in his court. As expected, Moore faced a lawsuit for his actions.

In 2001, Moore ran for the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the state of Alabama in the hopes of restoring morality and centering God in the legal system of the state as he tried to do while he was a Circuit Judge. He won the election and was Chief Justice for three years (from 2001 – 2003), and during his time he was served with another lawsuit for his centering of religion in legal practice. This time, he was removed from the court. During his time off the bench, he made plans to run for the governorship of Alabama twice and he lost on both occasions.

He became a member of the Alabama court bench once more in 2013 but faced more lawsuits for his anti-gay positions and disregard of a higher court’s judgment which led to his suspension and eventual resignation from the Supreme Court in 2017.

Roy Moore in 2017 expressed a desire to run for a senatorial position under the Republican Party but lost to Doug Jones who ran under the flag of the Democratic Party.

Roy Moore – Biography, Wife, Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Accusations
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Roy Moore Wife

The first time Moore met his wife, she was a teenager. Kayla Kisor met Moore once again at a Christmas party in 1984, at that time, she was married with a child but she divorced her husband to marry Moore.

Kayla is currently the president of the foundation that they both created with funds donated from Neo-Nazis; the Foundation of Moral Law as they seek to return morality to the world. She has also had political aspirations but they have never come to fruition.

Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Accusations

Roy Moore in 2017 was accused of pedophilia, child molestation, and sexual misconduct by nine women during their teenage years. These allegations were leveled against him by women who claimed that Moore had attempted to partake in sexual behavior with them while they were below the age of consent which is 16 in Alabama. Only one of the women was said to be in her twenties when he allegedly harassed her sexually.

These allegations came while he was contesting to be a senator and they definitely played a part in him losing the elections. Moore has largely refuted all of the allegations of sexual misconduct and in other cases offered contradictory responses to questions bordering on previous relationships with under-aged girls.

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