Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a carriage… there’s also a house thrown in there somewhere, the writer of the rhyme forgot to mention it. All families don’t necessarily start this way, but these are the basic ingredients.

Also, it generally sucks to be alone but Snoop has it all covered on that end. The artist has a lovely family, but with a family comes family drama.

Snoop Dogg’s Family

This family consists of Snoop Dogg’s wife and Snoop Dogg’s kids. It sounds pretty drama-free, but oh there’s more, stories of betrayal, deceit, and… OK, it is never that serious except it’s a telenovela, so let’s dig right in.

Snoop Dogg’s Wife

It all started as a version of a ‘teenage dream’, Snoop met his wife, Shante Broadus (nee Taylor), while they were both in high school. The two are one of Hollywood’s longest-running couples, but they have had their fair share of rough patches.

In 2004, to everyone’s surprise, Snoop filed for divorce citing ‘irreconcilable differences. Apparently, his early ‘long term relationship’ and marriage, did not give him the luxury of ‘sowing his doggy oats’. The years went by and the couple eventually reconciled.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family

In 2007, the artist told The Associated Press, ‘I thought I was the man, and I was willing to give up what I had at home for that until I realized that what I had at home was irreplaceable. So I gave that up to go back home.’ The next year, he surprised his wife with a lovely vow renewal ceremony.

He added, ‘I just don’t want another man raising my kids, that was the main goal. I had kids with my wife because I wanted to be with my wife. And those three babies are all wanted, and I wanted to be with them.’ We cannot guarantee its been a bed of roses since then, but it’s been 19 year and they are still counting.

Snoop Dogg’s Kids

There’s also a sprinkle of family drama under this subheading. It’s a typical case of, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby from a side squeeze. Yes, like a handful of celebrities out there, the rap artist harbored a secret child for a couple of years, so we are going to meet him along with the rest of Snoop Dogg’s kids.

Corde Broadus

Born in August 1994, he is first on the list of Snoop Dogg’s kids. Corde is Snoop’s first son and first child, he is currently pursuing a musical career under the pseudonym ‘ Spanky Danky’. He had a promising football career before him, but he decided he would rather dabble in the ‘family business.

Last year, on January 14, he welcomed his first son, Zion, into the world, with his partner, Jennifer Kyzer. The whole family was ecstatic and they made sure we knew it.

Cordell Broadus

Snoop’s 2nd son was born in February 1997 and this pretty boy almost went down the path of his older brother. Snoop, who is a devoted patron and fan of football, made a big deal out of his Signing Day commitment to UCLA when he was a high school recruit. Hell Cordell was happy about it too, but once he started school, he neglected to show up.

When the head coach at UCLA made inquiries, Cordell gave the whole, ‘I’m following my dream’ excuse. He is quite interested in film production and directing, but that did not hold him for long, because the teenager rejoined the team this year, without his sports scholarship.

Julian Corrie Broadus

Snoop Dogg’s Kids, House And Family

In 2007, the world found out that Snoop Dogg had a secret son. The boy’s mother, Laurie Holmond, claims that Snoop knew about his son since he was born in April 1994, Snoop on the other hand, vowed to be a father to ‘the child he ‘just learned of’. Well, that never happened, as he has not seen the boy since 2014.

Julian no longer harbors strong feelings concerning this, he said, ‘ I’m almost a grown man so my mind isn’t as heavy as it used to [be].’ He has also embraced the musical part of him that he tried so hard to suppress because he didn’t want to be anything like his father. Hopefully, that relationship mends itself.

Cori Broadus

Born in June 1999, Cori is the last name on the list of Snoop Dogg’s kids and she is definitely heading down the musical path. Following in daddy’s footsteps, she is even featured in his 2015 album and he has made an appearance in her single ‘Daddy’s Girl.

In 2011, Cori was diagnosed with lupus and her family was devastated, but the teenager is a fighter and day by day she wins the battle against the autoimmune disease.

Snoop Dogg’s House

Every family needs a house and our boy Snoop has got that covered. Before it’s sale in 2007, Snoop Dogg’s Claremont, California mansion was the talk of the town. The 6,500 square foot mansion featured, 8 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a home Cinema, recording Studio and a spa.  On a more sporty note, he had a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and a snooker section.

The house sold for $2000,000, no doubts it was worth every penny.

Snoop’s family packed up and moved to a toned Diamond Bar, a Californian neighborhood and all we could glean about the place was that it has panoramic views and its own full-size basketball court outback. In a more suburban area of the same locality, Snoop owns a small getaway house which is called, ‘Tha Chuuuch’.

The house is in an ordinary neighborhood, but there is nothing ordinary about it. Downstairs, the house has a forest-green carpeting, sports posters on the walls, and a vending machine that dispenses sodas for $1. It also houses a multilevel cat tree for the house’s only full-time resident, a white kitty cat named Frank Sinatra.

Meanwhile up the stairs lie Lion’s lair, where all the rooms have been converted to a recording studio. Obviously, the Doggfather does not live here with his family, but it’s part of his collection anyways.

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