Tamlyn Tomita Married, Husband, Age, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

Tamlyn Tomita Married, Husband, Age, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

Tamlyn Tomita is a Japanese-American actress and singer who set her mark in Hollywood with the 1986 martial arts drama film The Karate Kid Part II. She immediately launched her music career the following year, releasing her debut single and album under the British label Polydor.

Tamlyn went on to establish herself in films like Come See the Paradise (1990), The Joy Luck Club (1993), Picture Bride (1994) and more. With a career that spans over 2 decades, the veteran actress is showing no signs of slowing. As of 2017, she portrays a recurring role in MTV hit series Teen Wolf.

Here is a look at her career over the years as well as the details of her romantic life.

Tamlyn Tomita Age/Bio

Tamlyn Naomi Tomita was born on the 27th of January 1966 in Okinawa, Japan to parents Shiro Tomita (father) and Asako Tomita (mother). Her mother has Filipino roots making Tamlyn quarter Filipino. Her dad Shiro was a police officer who before joining the Los Angeles Police Department, LAPD worked as an intern at Manzanar, California, during part of World War II.

As of January 2017, Tamlyn’s mom Asako is still alive. This Instagram post reveals;

Tamlyn Tomita Married, Husband, Age, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

As a sergeant in the LAPD, Shiro helped to form the first Asian Task force in 1977. He lost his life to cancer in 1990.

Tamlyn attended Granada Hills High School in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. After high school, she enrolled at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where she majored in history.

Career, Films

As a college student, the beautiful Tamlyn developed a passion for modelling. She began by entering into beauty pageant competitions. She was crowned Queen at the 1984 Nisei Week Pageant held in Los Angeles, pictured below;

Tamlyn Tomita Married, Husband, Age, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

The following year, 1985, Tamlyn was crowned Queen at the Miss Nikkei International.

It was her first beauty pageant victory at the 1984 Nisei Week Pageant that paved the way for her acting career. As part of her winning prize, Tamlyn got to travel to Hawaii where she was selected by director John G. Avildsen to star in the first sequel to 1984’s The Karate Kid.

Tamlyn portrayed the role of  Kumiko and thankfully the sequel was a hit becoming even more financially successful than the original. The Karate Kid Part II grossed $115.1 million from a  $13 million budget.

Tamlyn’s impressive acting soon opened the doors to more important roles, among them 1990’s Come See the Paradise, a World War II movie depicting how Japanese Americans were treated in America following the Pearl Harbour attack.

In 1991, Tamlyn was named by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world.

In 1993, she appeared in the film Come See the Paradise which featured an ensemble cast. She also had a role in 1995’s anthology comedy film Four Rooms which also starred Madonna and Antonio Banderas.

Tamlyn’s acting career continued to be active through to the new millennium. In 2008, she made an appearance in Shonda Rhimes’ TV series Private Practice. In 2012, she had a role in the gymnastic drama Make It or Break It. Some of her most recent films include The Good Neighbor (2016) and Berlin Station (2016).

When Tamlyn isn’t acting, she spends her time advocating for Asians.

Tamlyn Tomita Married, Husband

Tamlyn keeps her private life very secret and is far from being tabloid fodder. In 2006 she was rumored to be in a relationship with fellow Asian native Grey Wantabe. Rumors of their relationship began to swirl after they were matched up in the 2006 independent film “Only the Brave.” However, rumors of their romance lasted but for a while.

Since then there has been no information whatsoever about Tamlyn’s romantic life. However, we conducted research and discovered that contrary to what most celebrity-focused sites are claiming, Tamlyn isn’t single but married. A tour of her Instagram page reveals that Tamlyn is married to a white man who appears to be an American.

She has posted a good number of photos with the unnamed man with both of them sporting wedding bands. Sadly there is no information about when the two became a couple. Tamlyn really does prefer to keep her personal life as private as she can.

Here are some photos as seen on her Instagram page.

Tamlyn Tomita Married, Husband, Age, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

Tamlyn Tomita Married, Husband, Age, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

Tamlyn Tomita Married, Husband, Age, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

Catch up with Tamlyn on Twitter.

Tamlyn Tomita Height – 1.57 m

Despite once being a beauty Queen, details of her Body Measurements are unknown to the public.